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Pissed off smiley finger Emoticon

Pissed off smiley finger animated emoticon
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Oh boy, this little guy sure is PO'd! He's pissed off, he's mad and about to blow up! A very angry emoticon giving the middle finger, perfect for those times you're filled with rage and need an animated emoticon to let your feelings out. He sure has a long finger for such a little smiley.

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User comments (14)

Anonymous said:13 Jul '10

Ace emo! I use this emote when I'm really angry with some people! you when sometimes they get on your nerves and drive you mad, pissing you off!! aahh sweet revenge! show them some rude attitude!!

Karamel ♥ said:20 Jun '10

"Friends are like potatoes, when you eat them they die." what??? OMG! LOL! ahahahahahaahahahahahahaha u weirdooo -__-'

Anonymous said:02 Apr '10

lol its gd amazing i used it on my friend

Chel x said:11 Mar '10

haha x gr8 x x its brill ,, cud use this rly gurd!

Anonymous said:06 Mar '10

I love it haahaaha

Anonymous said:13 Feb '10

OK, some people's comments are really weird.

Anonymous said:13 Feb '10

Friends are like potatoes, when you eat them they die.

Anonymous said:10 Feb '10

LOL hahahahahahaha xx ;)

Anonymous said:07 Feb '10

All of the emoticons are really cool.

Anonymous said:04 Sep '09

im likein teh dancin banana i thnk that awsome lol haaahaaa :D

nessa said:01 Sep '09

funny is very hilarious

Anonymous said:06 Aug '09

this smiley is an internet classic...

Anonymous said:30 Sep '08

dude looks like hes about to go crazy!

saeah said:24 May '08

i think it is well gd

Details for pissed off smiley finger

Suggested shortcut: :pissed
Tags: Pissed, PO, Angry, Mad, Rage
Filename: pissed.gif

  • The Pissed off smiley finger emoticon is Animated
  • Pissed off smiley finger icon file size: 340 Bytes (340)
  • Added on 26 March, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Pissed off smiley finger' is animated in 5 frames, the animation is 6.04 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 28 by 20 pixels and has 4 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Pissed off smiley finger

To use the Pissed off smiley finger icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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