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Fuck you finger Emoticon

Fuck you finger animated emoticon
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This precious fuck you icon is by far above all others in our Insulting gallery! Some colors present in this flipping the bird clipart are mustard seed yellow, mustard seed yellow, silver grey, avocado green and warmbrown. It is made using a short motion sequence.

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User comments (67)

a said:26 Oct '19

Angry emoji: someone who is raged and smashes the keyboard.

angry emoji said:26 Oct '19

Angry emoji says: ...

Bobzi said:03 Dec '17

Cool rude finger emoji!!

Boards Walk said:27 Aug '17

I love this emoji and I want this.

Anonymous said:03 Aug '17

How to get the middle finger emoji for facebook?

Anonymous said:27 Jun '17

A lot of rude finger emojis here!!

Anonymous said:19 Apr '17

I Love this little guy displaying his true feelings. Rock on!

Anonymous said:12 Jan '17

More info plz

Paula said:08 Nov '16

That's quite a Funny Finger emoji

Anonymous said:03 Nov '16

F word emojis!

Yo said:24 Aug '16

Wow! Great F word emojis for use on the facebook messengr!!

Smartass said:24 Aug '16

Cool Fuck you finger emojis

Steve said:19 Aug '16

You need to download it to you device, in the FB click on upload photo, put the 1st letter in the bar, click on name, hit open on FB.

Anonymous said:08 Jul '16

How do I download these emojis to use on fb messenger?

Vinnie said:29 Jun '16

How do I share these finger emojis on facebook page?

Anonymous said:28 Jun '16

Big F U emojis!

Anonymous said:18 Apr '16

How do I share these to my facebook page?

Anonymous said:15 Jan '16


Rude Finger Emoji said:23 Oct '15

Haha love these F U emojis! 💘😜😜😈✔💯

Sounds Good Feels Go said:23 Sep '15

How do I use these in real life?

Anonymous said:15 Sep '15

How do you use this on Facebook on someone's post?

Anonymous said:10 Sep '15

Good swearing emojis and emoticons, thanks.

Anonymous said:21 Aug '15

Love it! lol
I would use it sometimes.

Anonymous said:04 Aug '15

🖖 do u like this one?

Anonymous said:24 May '15

I use it everyday!!

Anonymous said:11 May '15

Ha ha ha ha ...

Anonymous said:01 Apr '15

[[midfing]] This is fun

Anonymous said:14 Feb '15

Middle Finger E3moji is truly a Rude Gesture!

Anonymous said:16 Jan '15

8==D Yes u know wath is that ;)

Anonymous said:20 Nov '14

Guess what sms emoticon this one is!! yeah, you guessed it right! It's a penis and the testicle;)
short, simple and effective!
Can be used as a "Fuck You" keyboard character emoticon. LOL

Brayden said:25 Oct '14

lol xD Santa Finger

Anonymous said:31 Jul '14

great....! this is what I've been waiting for, to give a middle finger to those i don't like on whatsapp!

Anonymous said:12 Jul '14

Cool! This is awesome for people who act like idiots on Facebook.

strawberry said:29 May '14

I can't use them.

samir singh said said:27 May '14

I used it and it's awesome!

Anonymous said:16 Apr '14

Fuck you finger animated emoticon is so cool man!

knowsWassup said:27 Feb '14

t(*o*t) flipping You off with a double whammy lol

Chaquanda Johnson said:02 Jan '14

Maybe this is it. I don't know. Might be or not.

Anonymous said:21 Dec '13

[[midfing]] Ok try it to see how the emoji looks.

Anonymous said:17 Dec '13

Funny as... excellent, I love it hahahaha

Details for fuck you finger

Suggested shortcut: ;fuck
Tags: insults, offensive, rude, insulting, fuck you, middle finger, flipping the bird
Filename: fuck-you-finger-smiley-emoticon.gif

  • The Fuck you finger emoticon is Animated
  • Fuck you finger icon file size: 2.36 kB (2414)
  • Added on 22 July, 2012
  • Last commented on 26 October, 2019
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Fuck you finger' is animated in 3 frames, the animation is 1.1 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 43 by 59 pixels and has 227 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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To use the Fuck you finger icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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