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Shit Emoticon

Shit animated emoticon
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This is one shitty emoticon! We've all had that moment where someone says something and the perfect response would be to show them a big steaming pile of shit! Well, here we have an animation to solve this for you, complete with flies and everything. Some people wish to be polite and resort to using words such as crap or poop, but you can be direct to the point with this icon. We hope you like it, it's definitely one of our favorites. Just post it on someone's Facebook wall and see what they think.

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User comments (43)

ROSA said:13 Jun '21


Anonymous said:15 Jun '17

Just wondered if there is a way to add your emoticons to email? If so, how? Thanks

Anonymous said:12 Jan '17

How do u download onto phone?

Anonymous said:20 Dec '16

A very smelly pile of poop! good job!!

Anonymous said:21 Mar '15

How do you download the shit emoji to phone?

Anonymous said:12 Feb '15

Can I request for a new emoji which is a good match for this phrase: "Get your shit together"?

Anonymous said:31 Oct '14

What do you do for Skype?

ms heartstringsā¤ļæ said:06 Aug '14

I'm so full of poošŸ’©!

Gensokyo said:16 Jul '14

Oh my gosh hahaa......

Smithg723 said:09 May '14

It is also possible that...

Anonymous said:20 Apr '14

Do these work on facebook?

pzy said:12 Apr '13

hahaa mind boggling poops

Anonymous said:17 Feb '13

:poop: try it out for facebok

Anonymous said:08 Feb '13

:poop: trying out for facebook.

Anonymous said:29 Jan '13

:shit: trying out for facebook

Anonymous said:19 Jan '13

:poop: hehehehe.....

chuck noris america said:13 Jan '13

hahaha the facebook emoticon

Anonymous said:13 Jan '13

:poop: testing it for fb chat

Anonymous said:11 Jan '13

Other than poop, what else is there?

Anonymous said:10 Jan '13

is this working for you guys?

Unbekannt said:08 Jan '13

The laughing Poo is very cool and the others too! ok bye.

Anonymous said:04 Jan '13


Anonymous said:01 Jan '13

I got it.. really awesome :poop: on facebook chat and facebook comments it turns to a shit emoticon!!!

Mirella.maslow=3 said:01 Jan '13

hahaha on faceboock it's :poop:

Anonymous said:01 Jan '13

woaaaaaa, this is so cool, I'm gonna use it all the time!

Anonymous said:01 Jan '13

I almost ~@~ myself!

sadsdsad said:01 Jan '13's done... :poop:

Anonymous said:01 Jan '13

just won't work in status box haha

Anonymous said:01 Jan '13

doesn't seem to be working right now.. and just when I need it too.

nick lerman said:31 Dec '12

cool! haha! :poop; really works! and it looks like a chocolate ice cream xD

Tara said:31 Dec '12

Yep, I just tested the shortcut and it works!!

nyaha said:31 Dec '12

Yes, the code for the shit icon in FB is just :poop: and it works in comments too!

shit code said:30 Dec '12

it's :poop: & ya'll welcome!

Anonymous said:30 Dec '12

Guys, the Facebook chat code is :poop:, type it just like that.

Anonymous said:30 Dec '12

What is the code for it?

apache said:30 Dec '12

como se hace en facebook

Anonymous said:30 Dec '12

:poop: on facebook it works

me said:19 Oct '12

How do we do the poop GIF?

Kealin said:03 Sep '12

how do u make it? i wanna do tht on facebook!

McKenna said:29 Aug '12

eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww! that is disgusting but they say a lot of bird poop in it!

Details for shit

Suggested shortcut: ;shit
Tags: crap, poop, shit, turd, poo
Filename: shit-emoticon.gif

  • The Shit emoticon is Animated
  • Shit icon file size: 11.95 kB (12234)
  • Added on 28 April, 2011
  • Last commented on 13 June, 2021
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Shit' is animated in 12 frames, the animation is 1.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 58 by 85 pixels and has 47 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Show frame details

Showing all 12 frames.

Codes for Shit

To use the Shit icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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