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Gym emoticons

These smiley faces are working hard to train and get into shape. They execise at the gym or wherever else they can. These animations are really funny and cool.

treadmill smiley
skipping a rope smiley
Skipping a Rope
exercise bike smiley
Exercise Bike
dumbbell lifting smiley
Dumbbell Lifting
weight machine smiley
Weight Machine
treadmill fall smiley
Treadmill Fall
stretching smiley
watching my weight smiley
Watching my Weight
skipping rope smiley
Skipping Rope
mr muscle  smiley
Mr Muscle
weight lifting machine smiley
Weight Lifting Machine

There are 11 emoticons in the Gym emoticons pack.

Recent Comments:

We can bear the weight of our fat and we don't fall!

in treadmill fall on 20 Oct, 2019

Was he daydreaming or what!?

in treadmill fall on 19 Oct, 2019

Yes it's a nice treadmill emoji and I like it very much.

in treadmill on 27 Feb, 2018

How do I download these emojis?

in treadmill fall on 06 Oct, 2017

What is the code for treadmill fall emojis?

in treadmill fall on 22 Sep, 2017

Fitness smiley faces

These smileys are free for you to use and you can copy them with the codes we provide.

We hope you like them and enjoy using them.

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