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Cheering football Emoticon

Cheering football animated emoticon
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An emoticon shaped like a football that is cheering for his team. Use this animated emoticon for when you want to root for your team and hope that they win. This little guy has even got his team scarf and is waving it while jumping around. A great MSN emoticon for the Euro 2008 cup, enjoy.

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User comments (12)

Anonymous said:12 Aug '16

Animated emojis for football. Please show more.

Anonymous said:01 Feb '11

Football for life!!! :D

LuCy MaY said:23 Mar '10

i luv that emotion i think STOKE has scored a goal !!!!! YAY !!!!!!

Anonymous said:09 Jan '10

cool!!!!!!!!! i think i like that emoiction

Hunie-x said:04 Jan '10

Footie Is boring, But I'm a Cheerleader And I Have To Cheerlead For Saint Hellens Rugby Club. xx

ronaldinho said:01 Oct '09

By all means it's football where it was invented, only Americans call it soccer where it's a minor sport. so footie it is!

DeTroit Runners xxo said:30 Aug '09

ok btw its soccer not footie but u guyz are probs in america soooo

socceer will rule the worlddd in a couple hundread years with every kid playin it !!

Anonymous said:18 Jul '09

ya man the rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Footie chick said:25 May '09

footie is the best and so are these emotions!

Anonymous x said:24 May '09

Yhh i think they are FUNKY x

hiya said:24 May '09

hiya everyone!cool emoticons!i love footie

Anonymous said:04 Jul '08

these football emoticons are pretty good, i like the quality and style

Details for cheering football

Suggested shortcut: :cheer
Tags: Cheer, Cheering
Filename: cheering-football.gif

  • The Cheering football emoticon is Animated
  • Cheering football icon file size: 62.68 kB (64182)
  • Added on 08 June, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Sports Emoticons

'Cheering football' is animated in 52 frames, the animation is 3.12 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 64 by 64 pixels and has 217 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Cheering football

To use the Cheering football icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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