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Rugby and American Football emoticons

These emoticons and smileys are playing American football or rugby. This sport is a little rough, but they love it! These animations and icons are free to use, we hope you like them.

football touchdown dance smiley
Football Touchdown Dance
football punting accident smiley
Football Punting Accident
football time! smiley
Football Time!
throwing and catching ball smiley
Throwing and Catching Ball
football punt smiley
Football Punt
football tackle smiley
Football Tackle
football runner smiley
Football Runner
american football player smiley
American Football Player
football injury smiley
Football Injury
football running smiley
Football Running
football collision smiley
Football Collision
football helmet hit smiley
Football Helmet Hit
football catching smiley
Football Catching
football catch smiley
Football Catch

There are 14 emoticons in the Rugby and American Football emoticons pack.

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Professional football emojis I am confused as to how to download that folder...

in football time! on 04 Jun, 2018

ATL came to play the game they kicking their as#

in football... on 06 Feb, 2017

Wahooo!!! That was an awesome defensive game!

in football... on 18 Jan, 2016

Oh yeah here is my happy dance!!!!!

in football... on 10 Jan, 2016

Go Seahawks!!

in football... on 21 Nov, 2015

American Football smileys

Did you know that American Football originates from the sport of Rugby?

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