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Crying football Emoticon

Crying football animated emoticon
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A sad football emoticon that is literally crying himself a river! Looks like his team may have lost their match or worse yet, they've been completely eliminated form the EURO 2008 tournament. We hope that you won't have to use this sad crying emoticon, life is too short to cry over a soccer match.

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User comments (13)

FB-Master said:07 Dec '13

How to use these smilies in Facebook ?????

Kittycat xxxx said:29 Dec '11

How on earth do u copy and paste them please tell mee ! thaxxxxx

Kittycat xxxx said:29 Dec '11

Love the crying foootball its fab lol !
imagen if a football cud actually cry ! xxxxx

Anonymous said:13 Nov '10

must be made in England...

Anonymous said:12 Nov '10

he he he he he not bad and..........

Smiley Team said:06 Nov '10

I think they are very easy to use, seeing as they let you copy and paste, does anyone have any suggestions of more awesome websites i could use? xx


Anonymous said:10 Jul '10

dose anybody know how to do them

Karman♥ said:15 Jun '10

awwwwhhhh...this one is so sad though! ♥ and i agree w/ u! ♥♥♥

кαямαи said:30 May '10

hahahahahaahahahahaaha.....i never saw a crying football before!


but i still ♥ it! =)

WhoAmI? said:03 Mar '10

cool emoticons - some of them are really awesome... gonna use this to support my WORLD CUP 2010 team!!!

XxXxAnonymousxXxX said:22 Oct '09

its an awesome SOCCER (not football) ball

$arah x-x-x-xbabe$ said:23 Mar '09

herio geuip fash ^
u jerin deri aio =-)

stella babeii xxxx said:13 Mar '09

awwwwww, even though i don't like football...

Details for crying football

Suggested shortcut: :crying
Tags: Crying, Tears, Football, Cry
Filename: crying-football.gif

  • The Crying football emoticon is Animated
  • Crying football icon file size: 76.22 kB (78053)
  • Added on 08 June, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Sports Emoticons

'Crying football' is animated in 48 frames, the animation is 2.88 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 64 by 64 pixels and has 217 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Crying football

To use the Crying football icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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