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Crying Emoticon

Crying animated emoticon
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A very nice animated crying emoticon. This is one of the best crying sad smiley faces we have ever seen. This sobbing sad emoticon is trying hard to fight back the tears and it makes you wonder what made it so sad. This crying msn emoticon has been beautifully designed and animated to help you express those hard to explain sad emotions. We recommend you add this emoticon to MSN, it's one of the classics.

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User comments (29)

Anonymous said:25 Feb '15

I have seen many emoticons and emojis but none of them are holding back tears. Great job!

Anonymous said:05 Apr '14

I'm so sad right now...

Anonymous said:02 Jul '13

what is the code for facebook?

hurt said:28 Apr '13

This is a very nice teared up smiley face. love it. but hate tearing up itself. Wishing everyone who visits this Crying smileys page out of their heartache or hurt lasting happiness. Hope all your tears be of joy only.

yorz said:27 Apr '13

brilliant. nicely understated.

Count said:23 Oct '12

There should be more greetings like...good night!

Anonymous said:22 Jun '12

you should get more hello kitty ones

Charlie Niaz said:20 Jun '12

Dude wtf ??? how can anyone s cry ee emoticons n actually -__-

mansonfan said:16 Feb '12

this is how i feel when i miss all the hot male celebrities concerts

God said:07 Feb '12

Poor little Thomas Putman... I WILL SMITE THEE! ;)

Thomas Putman said:07 Feb '12

this made me cry so much im now in my bed still crying 3 hours after i first saw them, this is so depressing who would do such a thing to a poor little defenseless emoticon i feel for him/her and i know what he/she is going through because i just dropped my happy meal on the floor it was hard and i couldn't force myself to go back down to mcdonald because it was to hard and i was hysterically crying i couldn't help myself, i wish i could fight but im a very sensitive thanks for listening if you would like to help me please ring me.

God. said:07 Feb '12

No one shalll be sad. Or I will smite thee. ;)

Anonymous said:07 Feb '12

this made me cry. twice.

Anonymous said:07 Feb '12

i love god and i love god and god loves me.

roxy said:04 Feb '12

so cute!!

Anonymous said:03 Mar '11

It kinda makes you feel like crying with him. ahhhhh there are many things in life which is not worth your tears if you think about it. be strong and move on after you shed it all.

Anonymous said:19 Feb '11

sobbing forever. I'll cry a river for you.

Anonymous said:16 Dec '10

i wonder what they look like happy

Ll said:28 Sep '10

how cute and nice... i wonder how it looks like when he is happy?

Julian Thurton said:27 Jun '10


Anton9409 said:27 Jun '10

I Dont Like you Because The Gunsot.

lovely rietjuhh said:27 Mar '10

i want a smiley too cool for me

Anonymous said:21 Feb '10

nice smiley, i love it!!!!!

Anonymous said:16 Dec '09

awesome i feel so sad now *sob sob*

Maddi said:23 Jul '09

So Cute!!!!!:P:P:P:P i just have to create them on msn

petra !! mwah said:15 Mar '09

euh euh... i was looking for more emotions but hey thats what god can give us today ohh!! bless u all people, bless u all!!! mwahh

stella babeii xxxx said:13 Mar '09

cuitiie AWWWWWWWWWWW dose anyone have msn and how lod are use and whats ur name everyone

minimono1 said:09 Mar '09

used 15 mins to look for specific this one :)

xD said:22 Jan '09

awww, this one is very sweet :P

Details for crying

Suggested shortcut: ;crying
Tags: Cry, Crying, Tears, Sad, Upset
Filename: crying.gif

  • The Crying emoticon is Animated
  • Crying icon file size: 1.57 kB (1612)
  • Added on 03 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'Crying' is animated in 2 frames, the animation is 0.02 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 18 by 18 pixels and has 137 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Crying

To use the Crying icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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