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Running man LOL Emoticon

Running man LOL animated emoticon
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This LOL icon is hilarious in itself. It has a little man come running in from the right, smacking his head into the LOL text and falling down. A very clever and funny emoticon, definitely one of our favorites.

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User comments (62)

Anonymous said:04 Feb '21

How can I download this running emoji?

Lenny said:05 Sep '15

It’s so cold here.

Please stop.

Have to run away.

I feel the ichor sloshing off my brain.

I’ve gotta.

I’ve gotta go fast.

Anonymous said:28 Sep '12

Amazing I love it... hehehe.

Anonymous said:18 May '12

its hilarious i love it!!! :D

Anonymous said:12 Mar '12

lol that's hill-air-ious!!!!

Anonymous said:11 Feb '12

lol that's funny :))))))))

Anonymous said:15 Jan '12

i cant download them :(

horse lover! said:26 Jul '11

omgsh love this site! ahhh

lucy said:13 Mar '11

ok i am not anonymous andhow me pls

Anonymous said:13 Mar '11

yerr whAT DO U TYPE TO get them

katie said:03 Mar '11

what do you have to type to get the emotion?

mahish vandana said:28 Feb '11

keep sending this funny to relax

Benzy_xx said:28 Jan '11

iT'S awesome lol really funny

nikiamone said:25 Jan '11

lol so funny i voted awesome and five star.

omg said:14 Jan '11

this LOL word and graphic emoticon is great. gets a five star rating from me.

ILoveYouu said:12 Dec '10

Thats Just Made Me Happy.
Anyone Who Reads This Get A Nice Boy Or Be Single:):(:'(x
But Anyways Make Some More:):Lx

Anonymous said:25 Oct '10

hahahaha make sum moro plz

SECRET said:14 Oct '10

I love to download things like this, they make working on my laptop a lot of fun...... DOWNLOAD!

spitz said:14 Oct '10

*runs* $$$! lol

Anonymous said:20 Sep '10

hahahahaha :P lol soo funny

XxJessxXx said:30 Aug '10

:L lol xDD i get all ma emoticons from dis website :P

Anonymous said:20 Aug '10

the banana is so funny can u make more like that and i like the running man it makes me laugh every time: )

Anonymous said:26 Jul '10

haha! i don't generally like emoticons because people can't read what you type, but these ones are so cool!

koketah!! said:26 Jun '10

These animations are so pretty. Nice!

kitty said:27 May '10

sweetness love emocons

Awessomee said:25 Apr '10

you've gotta admit that thats pretty funny!

...♥... said:08 Mar '10

hey dudes,
to those who ask how to download it: click on the "Get it for free" and then follow the instructions. easy peasy lemon squeezey!

niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee said:07 Mar '10

how do you download them?

chipmunk said:01 Jan '10

how do u download it ?

Anonymous said:04 Dec '09

i love rebecca so much man by ancilla?

xxxxAxxxx said:15 Aug '09

dont u hav any more of the running man icons they r so cool

Anonymous said:07 Aug '09

LOOOL this is so hilarious, what can i say man!

I said:31 Jul '09

these r awsoeme they're fun n funny

carlee said:22 Jul '09

weird i luv it awesome

someone said:22 Jul '09

weird its so kool tho lol

Anonymous said:18 Jul '09

this is freking sweet

Hailey said:03 Jul '09

Lmfao♥ can't stop watching him xD

hsmlover said:22 Jun '09

this emoticon is funny!!!

Anonymous said:27 May '09

WOW that is a vry weird thnig right there wtf

Anonymous said:28 Mar '09

hehehe coooool, i like people running into things xD

Details for running man lol

Suggested shortcut: :runlol
Tags: Running, Man, Stickman, Fall
Filename: running-lol.gif

  • The Running man LOL emoticon is Animated
  • Running man LOL icon file size: 3.79 kB (3879)
  • Added on 12 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Running man LOL' is animated in 11 frames, the animation is 0.3 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 41 pixels and has 245 colors.

Codes for Running man LOL

To use the Running man LOL icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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