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LOL (I'm not laughing) Emoticon

LOL (I'm not laughing) animated emoticon
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Ever use LOL in a situation where you didn't mean it? Of course you have! This icon reveals that, great to use when you're not really laughing out loud. It might even come in handy when someone tells a joke that's not very funny.

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User comments (56)

Anonymous said:04 Sep '14

Lol it's really cool by anonymous

donna said:04 Oct '13

I love to see funny and good pictures:)

Anonymous said:15 Oct '12

cool really funny!!!!!!!!!!

That Guy said:01 Sep '12

i say lol for something to say!
and gosh you're funny!

u said:29 May '12

i even say lol when its not funny

me said:29 May '12

omg so lovely........... don't u just think so?

ahaa said:22 Apr '12

omg i love this! i allways write lol when i'm not laughing aha!

LoL said:26 Mar '12

Yes, I like this site!!

Lexi said:01 Aug '11

omg this site is cool!

morredeabo said:15 Mar '11

lol, I want a guy with the little hand forward and laughing!

mahish vandana said:28 Feb '11

it is very good for fun. it makes us laugh!

shannon said:15 Aug '10

cool ...xx =) i want it on my msn

AnOnYmOuS said:07 Aug '10

These are awesome! Although I go on ebuddy these are funny to use!

how do you copy?? said:24 Jul '10

cool. .

paige said:22 Jun '10

they're cool, e.g freaky!

Anonymous said:19 Jun '10

hehehahaha I'm rolling on the floor laughing because this is so hilarious!! i love it

loolouiex said:25 Mar '10

Sick!! Love it!!

annonumus said:01 Mar '10

this one is funny but i like the man one because you send a "lol" and there is a
"lol" in it!

Shane.Dawson.Lover said:22 Feb '10

this emoticon is by far the best. when someone says "lol" they are usually not even laughing :(

Anonymous said:28 Jan '10

NICE I love them :) they are kewl

Anonymous said:10 Jan '10

lmaooooo XD i love laughing....XD

Bella said:18 Dec '09

they make me feel better

Lara x said:12 Dec '09

i love these emotions they are fab lol and sooooo funny :P xxxxx

charity, x said:01 Dec '09

I Hatee Emotions,
but i like some lmao, i haaaaaaaate it when people havee loads of A B C D E F G... emotions, i cnt read what there saying. D:

Anonymous said:13 Oct '09

i want to have all the emoticons in he world...xD i have almost 400 emoticons and i alway want more -_- i can get this emoticons why?

ღAllyღ said:12 Oct '09

Yeah it means laugh out loud but they never laugh,, so theres no point saying it, really. Lol is old. They should use say hehehe or summin like that.

Anonymous said:11 Oct '09

i do it all the time and i am laughing

Warrior said:13 Sep '09

I have tons of these

stinger said:12 Sep '09

this one i the most fantastico

Technical Teenager said:06 Sep '09

I really like them and there is a great range!!!

Anonymous said:29 Aug '09

i like emotions of lol but glitter

losers said:10 Aug '09

whenever ppl put lol it seems like their not laughing.

carlee said:22 Jul '09

yer every1 puts lol but their not laughing

Mesha (: said:19 Jul '09

Okay then? what's all the fuss about?

Anonymous said:14 Jul '09

They r sooo cutee and cooll

metallica said:27 Jun '09

how do u get it because it wont get me it

Anonymous said:07 Jun '09

it's true .. you neva laugh but u always put lol .. lool

Anonymous said:21 May '09

They are so kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:13 Apr '09

i love these emotions they are sooooooo cool

ha said:24 Mar '09

how do yah add them to ur msn thing there mintt

Details for lol (i'm not laughing)

Suggested shortcut: :notlol
Tags: Not, Laughing, Sarcasm
Filename: not-laughing-lol.gif

  • The LOL (I'm not laughing) emoticon is Animated
  • LOL (I'm not laughing) icon file size: 9.04 kB (9255)
  • Added on 12 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'LOL (I'm not laughing)' is animated in 13 frames, the animation is 6.64 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 75 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for LOL (I'm not laughing)

To use the LOL (I'm not laughing) icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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