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Laughing man Emoticon

Laughing man animated emoticon
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The guy in this animated emoticon seems to be laughing at something quite funny. The way he laughs is hilarious and will probably cause a case of contagious laughter. This funny emoticon can be used in IM chats and conversations instead of the standard laughing smileys made available in the emoticons list. This funny emoticon has a transparent background and features a real face.

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User comments (33)

Anonymous said:06 Jun '12


MSPTawna said:30 May '12

Very Cool. Too Bad I Can't Post This On MovieStarPlanet.

awar said:04 Mar '12

lol luv this web!!!!!!!!:)

Anonymous said:26 Dec '11

ha ha ha i needed a GIF for animated laughter, this is perfect!

Anonymous said:02 Oct '11

hi! I LOVE this website.

jayss said:01 Oct '11

hello everyone!

Anonymous said:10 Sep '11

hi everybody!

mikeh said:13 Feb '11

Everyone here is so f*****g sad

B-boy Cassimiro said:15 Dec '10

HAHAHAHAH this icon had me LMAO!!

ali said:20 Aug '10

lovely thanks, it is awesome.

Anonymous said:02 Aug '10

love the emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;);)

Robin said:10 Jul '10

Here are the things I've got: computer, Nintendo wii, Nintendo ds, PlayStation and Skype. Bye!

Robin said:10 Jul '10

i have windows xp for my computer

Robin said:10 Jul '10

why can't there be more faces?

mini izzi said:08 Apr '10

i hav an apple macbook and it wont work :( but its funni!! :D hahaaaa

lulu in de muni said:14 Mar '10

ha ha ha ha it's so cool ha ha ha ha ha i'm crying with laughter ha ha ha ha ha!!!

metallrules said:12 Mar '10

made me laugh just by lookin at it LOL


Chinese... or Japanese? :o :o

BOB MARLEYY said:06 Sep '09


hot chocolate said:22 Aug '09

ha ha omg gr8t funny lmaoo

ajmara said:24 Jun '09

hahahaha this is one of the greatest animated gif files ever, I'm bursting with laughter just from looking at it xD

Hollyyyy said:20 Jun '09

Lmao! Hah u dumb person (u dont no what it means)

Anonymous said:17 May '09

That means: laughing my a## off !

Anonymous said:17 May '09

what does lmao mean??

kathrine xxxxxx said:01 May '09

SERO euteeuteu de mabelle euteute ya hahahahahahahah i no ENGLISH hgeu ioewn cmowm iehr jdbs hudp

Anonymous said:06 Mar '09

cool laughing gif, i say its a top emoticon!!!!

Anonymous said:25 Feb '09

euteuteu de mabelle euteute ya hahhaahah

Anonymous said:01 Feb '09

dat is so funny lmaooo??

Anonymous said:25 Jan '09

dis is not Dat much funny dude.................

Anonymous said:25 Jan '09

They are not very funny...

Anonymous said:18 Jan '09

Lol That's Funny Lmaooo

Anonymous said:25 Nov '08


Anonymous said:12 Sep '08


Details for laughing man

Suggested shortcut: :laugh
Tags: Laughing, Laugh, Laughter, Man, Face
Filename: laughing.gif

  • The Laughing man emoticon is Animated
  • Laughing man icon file size: 3.54 kB (3621)
  • Added on 30 May, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Laughing man' is animated in 2 frames, the animation is 0.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 48 by 48 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Laughing man

To use the Laughing man icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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