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Glowing Pink LOL Emoticon

Glowing Pink LOL animated emoticon
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A black LOL emoticon that has a pink glowing animation around the letters. Also has an exclamation mark at the end.

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User comments (62)

The Master said:15 Jan '14

This glowing emoji is so awesome!

Anonymous said:12 Sep '13

Hola soy yo! XD

Hello it's me! XD

Jimmy Saville said:11 May '13

Awesome :) I wish u cud copy and paste

channy barnes said:18 Apr '13

i'm copy and pasting!

Anonymous said:02 Dec '12

cooool awesomee i want to copy & paste

James said:15 Jun '12

They're Awesome that's All I Know

Anonymous said:25 May '12

i like all of them i really like lol

charline said:01 May '12

do i paste? i don't know how to show them

Anonymous said:03 Apr '12

these are GREAT but how do i get them?

Anonymous said:04 Jan '12

looks like the emoticons r cool

cooool said:23 Oct '11

cool i know a girl called kaya she would love this

Anonymous said:03 Jul '11

Kewl! so Kewl!

Maggie said:26 May '11

AWESOME!!!!!!!! i downloaded it and guess what it's now my icon!!

Anonymous said:21 May '11

pretty cool aye!!!

Anonymous said:27 Apr '11

wow jus used them there sooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shannon campbell x said:18 Mar '11

keen me too bubs :) xx

lollypops said:19 Feb '11

i luv animations they are sooooo cool!

Anonymous said:01 Feb '11

That's so cool! cba to download it !

Anonymous said:16 Dec '10

i cant believe u don't know how to put these emotions on msn

Anonymous said:09 Dec '10

Why my friends don't say the blings!!

Anonymous said:05 Nov '10

better than blingee!

Anonymous said:27 Oct '10

thats sick man how do u add it to msn?

Anonymous said:22 Oct '10

it's sick bears lol how do u put it on msn?

Anonymous said:04 Oct '10

Hi, OMG I like this, It is blingy!

Anonymous said:03 Oct '10

Omg i love these emotions, they're sooo freaking awesome!

Anonymous said:01 Sep '10

cool but do u have it in hi

Anonymous said:27 Aug '10

youi highlight itt with the right button on mouse then you go save image as,then save it in folder you want,thenwhen you get on to msn go on someone then go on to the emoticon button (smily face)then you go search all then create on the right hand side,then you search folder were you put it clik on it and it will apear ina box what it is called then you save it then when you write say LOL then the emoticon you chose would come up :)!♥

random person said said:30 Jul '10

well go over it so it is highlighted and then right click and you'll get a list of options then click copy go onto wot eva like tlkin website ur on and right click again and then click paste then hopefully you shud get it!

A Random Person said:24 Jul '10

how do you copy the emote?

Anonymous said:10 Jul '10

i want them gimmy them on my msn

Anonymous said:12 Jun '10

ty very much for this LOL emote!

Anonymous said:13 May '10


Anonymous said:25 Mar '10

u go on ""get it free"" then u click on the download button

kaykay-xx said:28 Feb '10

hey guys!!!! I like all the emoticons, i don't know any of you, but you all sound cool and the emoticons are well cool!!!!!! and msn is byat!!!!! LOL :L

ss said:26 Feb '10

u don't have a pic 4 six ??

Anonymous said:30 Jan '10

i love msn its the best lol

megan dunning 09 said:31 Dec '09

how are you meant to copy them lol

Anonymous said:20 Dec '09

erm hw r we meant 2 copy em

shopaholic said:30 Nov '09

Luv the awesome emotions and LUV!!! the LOL ones

Annons said:24 Sep '09

Annons is my nick name no one will no my real nameunless if u no me!!!!!!!!!
kool emotions ha like the ipod middle finger

Details for glowing pink lol

Suggested shortcut: :pglol
Tags: Pink, Glowing, Exclamation
Filename: glowing-lol.gif

  • The Glowing Pink LOL emoticon is Animated
  • Glowing Pink LOL icon file size: 4.61 kB (4718)
  • Added on 12 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Glowing Pink LOL' is animated in 6 frames, the animation is 0.9 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 23 pixels and has 63 colors.

Codes for Glowing Pink LOL

To use the Glowing Pink LOL icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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