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Playboy LOL Emoticon

Playboy LOL emoticon
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A pink LOL emoticon featuring the infamous Playboy bunny. Use this icon if you consider yourself a player... or a playmate.

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User comments (104)

Angie Horgdal said:04 Sep '16

I love the Playboy Bunny emojis, so I found this site looking in the browser. These Playboy emojis are sweet. Love'em!

momo said:28 Apr '13

I love My class room (lol) no I don't like my class room!

bobbycools1999 said:12 May '12

i think these are amazing emotions they are soo awesome loool :L xxx

Anonymous said:26 Apr '12

all the aniamtions are CLASS~!!!

ahlola said:04 Oct '11

I like them all.

megxmog said:27 Aug '11

i agree with anonymous saying that they like them all, i so agree it's fab and brill. i love it. i wish i had find it a long time a go!

sarah said:07 Jul '11

these are very nice playboy stuff.

Lovesss Bieber x said:14 Jun '11

Not sure if I like it or not!

jhonata m.d.a said:20 May '11

these are so cool i love playboy

puggy said:29 Dec '10

i love this one, I'm going to download it now!

playboy said:19 Dec '10

i love forever the playboy.

farell said:23 Oct '10

i like drawing play boy

Anonymous said:02 Oct '10

bloody awesome... lol

marlene said:28 Sep '10

i think this playboy one is frigging awesome, i love it!

ZIP ZOEY said:08 Sep '10


lauren said:17 Aug '10

i think the playboy bunny one is super awesome :~)

Anonymous said:11 Aug '10

I like playboy emoticons ;D

georgina loves tom said:14 Jul '10

i like playboy cos it is good

georgina said:06 Jul '10

i like playboy and all my friends do

LOLA XOXOXOX SAID said:10 Jun '10


Anonymous said:05 Jun '10

these are so cool i love playboy

courtneyy said:05 Jun '10

these are really cool... love them all.

Anonymous said:02 Jun '10

helloo this is so kool

Meky said:01 Jun '10

it's good, lovely.

Lola xoxoxox said:07 Apr '10

i totally agree with lanithelolly

Anonymous said:25 Mar '10


Anonymous said:25 Mar '10

all great pictures! XD

lanithelolly said:18 Mar '10

what's with the playboy girl that turns into a bunny?

Bex Martin :: DDD said:13 Mar '10

Love them they're so nice.

Englesh_Rose said:13 Mar '10

Nice love them thnx

DD::D::D::D::D::D said:03 Mar '10

Nekem meg van az össze a gépen minden szó msn-en playboy-os , még az xd is

Imogen said:27 Feb '10

Awrghh The Question Mark One Is Cute ILoveEm x

Imogen said:27 Feb '10

I Lovee Thee PlayBoy xD

Anonymous said:27 Jan '10

lol I like the animated playboy, that girl is hot!

Anonymous said:27 Jan '10

can i have ? cuz it aint workin lol so plzz WORK HHAAH lol i just mde dah comment for NO reason
lol ☻♥

Sheena said:15 Jan '10

You have to create the shortcuts for your msn.

kirsty said:13 Jan '10

how do you install them to your msn

Anonymous said:31 Dec '09

how do you install them to your msn?

... said:15 Dec '09

i loves them! especially the question mark one :)

Anonymous said:21 Nov '09

i lovee them likee look so sickk

Details for playboy lol

Suggested shortcut: playlol
Tags: Pink, Bunny, Rabbit
Filename: playboy-lol.gif

  • The Playboy LOL emoticon is Static
  • Playboy LOL icon file size: 646 Bytes (646)
  • Added on 12 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

It's a GIF image measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 30 colors.

Codes for Playboy LOL

To use the Playboy LOL icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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