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Animated playboy Emoticon

Animated playboy animated emoticon
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This is a very cool and sexy playboy emoticon with a cool background. The animated emoticon starts off with the playboy logo which then morphs into a sexy girl with a very smooth animation. It then changes back to the Playboy bunny logo. This icon works in MSN and Live Messenger.

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User comments (65)

Anonymous said:12 Jun '16

I love the playboy emojis, they're so cute. Animated emojis are way better than the images. Can you guide me to download them on my android phone please?

Anonymous said:28 Dec '15

I know my man will love this playboy cutie.

Anonymous said:04 Aug '15

I love these playboy emojis!!
I am going to get this tattooed:)

addict said:05 Aug '14

Could have been more rude;)

Anonymous said:23 Mar '14

Playboy is my favorite logo. And I love it!

Anonymous said:23 Nov '13

I totally luv playboy x x

Anonymous said:06 Nov '13

Hi, can we have these on Skype?

Anonymous said:23 Jul '13

Cool! wish could do naughty!

axelblaze said:05 Jun '13

Coool!!! Juz lik meee...

Anonymous said:07 Jan '13

Awesome, I'd say........

sexy guy said:16 Nov '12

this so sexy! now i wanna do the naughty! you know, se#!!!!!

anonymous said:23 Jun '12

got a boner , can u hav it on skype???

Anonymous said:23 May '12

how to add these smileys in skype chat?

Anonymous said:19 Feb '12

hahahha nasty huh

sweet girls said:31 Dec '11

i love playboy logo and i love playboy

Anonymous said:29 Aug '11

wow playboy is so sexy!

pízzα♥lσvєr said:05 Aug '11

lolz so nasty!! gonna throw up!!

Anonymous said:02 Aug '11

i love the playboy bunny .. i have it on my car ... and it is all about the bunny !!!!!

allo lola comme .... said:23 Mar '11

vos geule
your mouth

lesly said:08 Mar '11

aiilabiit :)) give me more picture of playboy :))

Anonymous said:09 Jan '11

Oh and Demi Lavato, really? you guys are such fakers.

Anonymous said:09 Jan '11

You guys are all nasty.

mezo said:29 Dec '10

its very sexy!

kkkrol said:03 Dec '10

i love playboy so i am a slagi love playboy so i am a slag

Anonymous said:22 Oct '10

make more revealing plz.;p maybe a bit bigger too.....

spitz said:14 Oct '10

great these Playboy emoticons are :3!

Anonymous said:12 Oct '10

1 second u meet me second automatically u love me ...bcoz basically I'm a playboy!!

abby!!!!! xx said:12 Sep '10

that is the most cxyist emoticon ever!!!!! i love playboy so much!!!

alexia said:16 Aug '10

i love playboy emoticons

Anonymous said:15 Jul '10

A very sexy image :)

LaylaBabbeee said:23 Jun '10

CXY!! LoL! x.x Haha ... My bestie would probably love her hair .. WTF

Anonymous said:10 Apr '10

This page is very fresh.

Anonymous said:29 Mar '10

These emoticons are good but there should be some more.

Anonymous said:06 Feb '10

I like them be hoter ...

Anonymous said:30 Jan '10

playboy bunny is mint

Anonymous said:28 Jan '10

i love playboy so i am a slag

gummy said:17 Jan '10

i love playboy!!

Anonymous said:23 Dec '09

Hi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

GEORGE said:12 Dec '09


Lara x said:12 Dec '09

yhh i agrreee !!!! lol xxxxx

Details for animated playboy

Suggested shortcut: ;playb2
Tags: Playboy, Bunny, Rabbit, Woman, Sexy
Filename: animated-playboy.gif

  • The Animated playboy emoticon is Animated
  • Animated playboy icon file size: 14.90 kB (15256)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Animated playboy' is animated in 12 frames, the animation is 2.3 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors.

Codes for Animated playboy

To use the Animated playboy icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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