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Small LOL Emoticon

Small LOL animated emoticon
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A rather small animated LOL emoticon. This is a very unobtrusive lol icon because of its noticabely small size and slow and smooth animation. A very popular LOL emotion on MSN messenger, etc.

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User comments (19)

LOL emojis said:25 Oct '15

Hi there! This is a cute little lol emoji, love it.

Anonymous said:11 Aug '15

I think they're really cool LoL emojis.

Unknown said:28 Feb '13

i love using these animations.

Anonymous said:28 Jan '12

ugh i really want this but it doesnt let me download it

Informeius said:21 Jan '12

wow quqe guay los iconos!!

. said:02 Feb '11

LOL... i don't have one sorry.

Anonymous said:17 Oct '10

anyone has other text emoticons for laughter or laughing like lol? there are other similar words which I would like to have them in graphic form such as ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing and etc.

Anonymous said:13 May '10

Such an awesome breww , love it

^_*Boys Over Flowers said:05 May '10


Please make more :(

LOVEYOUU said:12 Apr '10

hii this site is cool x

TELL ME said:10 Mar '10

hi get more cool writing in please.

Anonymous said:06 Mar '10

heya. I'm a big fan of msn and i think there should be more websites like this, so we have more emoticon words instead of just faces. This website rocks.

Imogen said:27 Feb '10

'' Totally Amazing'' Pms ! xD

Imogen said:27 Feb '10

I Likee The Middle Finger xD

Shane.Dawson.Lover said:20 Feb '10

Totally amazing. i love this site.

T.T said:18 Jan '10

this is soo cool...i love this site

x said:05 Aug '09

haha look at the middle finger pmsl!!

liliana said:23 May '09

awesome there's a rude finger haha
but that's not awesome, the whole site is!

Anonymous said:08 Apr '09

this is a cool and great lol emoticon, it fits the font size of my text... so i use this one a lot, but i love them all equally!

Details for small lol

Suggested shortcut: smallol
Tags: Small, Colored, Laugh
Filename: small-lol.gif

  • The Small LOL emoticon is Animated
  • Small LOL icon file size: 2.65 kB (2713)
  • Added on 12 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Small LOL' is animated in 13 frames, the animation is 2.6 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 19 by 19 pixels and has 128 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Small LOL

To use the Small LOL icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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