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3D spinning LOL Emoticon

3D spinning LOL animated emoticon
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This is a 3D blue and pink lol emoticon that spins horizontally. A very cool icon with a small illusion, it's never show in a reverse position. Quite good, but may not look the same on a dark background - recommended.

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User comments (89)

Anonymous said:20 Apr '17

LOL! Laugh out loud but let's not be offensive to people.

Anonymous said:12 Aug '13

ohh how cool!!! I love it

Anonymous said:16 Mar '13

awsome lol download it

Anonymous said:01 Jul '12

Cool! This Is Awesome! :D

Bieber'sGurl!!!(; said:24 Apr '12

how do u send it to ur friends???(on skype)

Anonymous said:25 Mar '12

cool!!!! but how do you do it ??????

Clara said:09 Mar '12

Awesome! I love sending this to all of my friends!

Anonymous said:06 Sep '11

lol lol i love using lol

Anonymous said:30 Jan '11

does anyone know how to copy a icon after downloading it?

Anonymous said:25 Jan '11


Anonymous said:23 Jan '11

yo hello everybody i am lovely101100 add me on lol

Anonymous said:29 Oct '10

pretty awesome & coOL...;0

Anonymous said:03 Oct '10

how do u downlode it?

Anonymous said:23 Aug '10

XD thanxxx ahh its says this is too short,

coolgal786 said:13 Aug '10


Anonymous said:27 Jul '10

this is so cool lmao!! this is a very funny lol emoticon!!

Anonymous said:19 Jun '10

it's cool and flashy!! :) x

batman said:19 Jun '10

this is a sik emo man!!

Nick said:23 May '10

hit on the green box to download it. does this help??

Anonymous said:23 May '10

how do u download dis??????????

Anonymous said:16 May '10

kul emotes dude i like the spinnin 1s

Anonymous said:12 May '10

these r awesome man

Nunya said:04 May '10

these are awesome! I never knew where people got them from but now i get them 4 myself!

Anonymous said:02 May '10

wow, this emote is fantastic, i give it 5 stars!

DASIY said:25 Apr '10


Anonymous said:24 Apr '10

its easy i do it all the time

Anonymous said:12 Apr '10

How do you put them in msn ?

rekha becauusdfts said:10 Apr '10

i love lol symbols in fact I'm gonna use some lol

rhea xx said:23 Mar '10

i love them lodzz thier so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:16 Feb '10


Rekha said:07 Feb '10

i want more LOL emotes, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

someone said:28 Jan '10

They're so so so cool. MORE!!

stupidperson said:11 Jan '10

LOL Awesome!!!!! I love the 3d emoticons, they're too cool!!

Anonymous said:10 Jan '10

how do you download them ?

annonymos said:08 Jan '10

These are good 3d emoticons for msn messenger, I like them.

Anonymous said:31 Dec '09

totally love it, i think it is very cool and great.

essam said:31 Dec '09

so good!!! we need even more

Anonymous said:10 Nov '09

these emotions are so good, so darn good!

Anonymous said:31 Oct '09

how on earth are u supposed to put this icon on msn????????????!!!!!!

??????? said:16 Oct '09

i love these emotions especaily lol

Details for 3d spinning lol

Suggested shortcut: lol3d
Tags: 3d, Spin, ThreeD
Filename: spinning-lol.gif

  • The 3D spinning LOL emoticon is Animated
  • 3D spinning LOL icon file size: 7.43 kB (7613)
  • Added on 15 December, 2007
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'3D spinning LOL' is animated in 20 frames, the animation is 1.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 40 by 22 pixels and has 19 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for 3D spinning LOL

To use the 3D spinning LOL icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free LOL Icons and Smileys emoticons like the 3d spinning lol icon, visit the LOL Emoticons pack.

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