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3D smiley full of anger Emoticon

3D smiley full of anger animated emoticon
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This is one super mad emoticon, and he's just about to lose his temper! His eyes are red with rage and his face is twitching. Use this really cool animated emoticon to show your maximum anger at something, its sure to get the message across! You can use it anywhere you like, including MSN.

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User comments (18)

Lisa said:04 Dec '17

How do I download the animated emojis and emoticons to use in emails, etc.?

Full of anger emoji said:06 Nov '15

Very very awesome!!

Anonymous said:16 Feb '14

I'll take the one of the computer-smashing smiley.

Maxouja said:31 May '13

This is a very good smiley ^^

Anonymous said:21 May '13

all smiles very nice,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said:28 Mar '13

Cute smilies he he

hello kitty said:21 Jan '11

hola soy hello kitty

Anonymous said:30 Dec '10

hehe very funny icons you have here.

lalosh said:19 May '10

loooooooooooooool it's very nice thanks a lot. she tells every body what she feel.

Anonymous said:07 Apr '10

i hate anger and angry people; it make's me cry lol

Anonymous said:13 Jan '10

hufff... i am so angry and mad right now...

Anonymous said:20 Aug '09

he he this is crazy..!!

Scooby Doo said:31 Jul '09

I like the angry heart one the most, its so nice and colorful... beautiful!!!

anonymous said:22 Jul '09

lol these are good really good

Anonymous said:23 May '09

LOL COOL these are cool stuff

Anonymous said:09 May '09

wow i like this one why are people saying that its rubbish

happy said:15 Feb '09

these just make me laugh, they are so sexy

angry said:26 Oct '08

i love
this because i am normally angry at ppl lol

Details for 3d smiley full of anger

Suggested shortcut: ;mad7
Tags: Threed, Mad, Twitch, Rage, Angry
Filename: 3d-mad.gif

  • The 3D smiley full of anger emoticon is Animated
  • 3D smiley full of anger icon file size: 29.17 kB (29868)
  • Added on 21 September, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'3D smiley full of anger' is animated in 20 frames, the animation is 2.9 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 51 by 46 pixels and has 252 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing all 20 frames.

Codes for 3D smiley full of anger

To use the 3D smiley full of anger icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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