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Dancing smiley Emoticon

Dancing smiley animated emoticon
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This is one cool and relaxed smiley, showing off his dance moves. Check out those crazy feet movements! Let's dream with our feet; let's dance! Our bodies can not lie; let's express our happiness through dance. This is an awesome free animated dancing smiley for MSN and other IM chat programs.

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User comments (48)

jojo said:08 Mar '17

Why is everything moving cra-cra (crazy)?

Anonymous said:12 Jan '17

Come to Chipotle on Thursday, Jan. 12, from 5-8 PM with the flyer in the newsletter to support St. Brigid Athletics.

Anonymous said:09 Feb '16

Can anyone help here? I tried several of the codes and not one worked in facebook for me. All it did was show the link but no dancing Penguin.

Anonymous said:25 Nov '15

Michael Jackson emoji PNG anyone?

Sam said:21 Oct '15

You aced the test!! Whoop whoop

Denise King said:02 Sep '15

How do I download dancing emoticons and emojis?

Anonymous said:23 Apr '15

This emoji is nice but it should be bundled.

manu said:09 Oct '13

Simply fantastic...How to use the moving emote?

quen said:30 Mar '13

amazing!! hahaha.... more please.

Vy said:28 Mar '13

But how do u do it? Cuz I want to know and do it. ;)

paulotini said:12 Jan '13

happy feet is soooooooo cute

WHY HE said:14 Nov '12

he tries to look cool!

laughterzen said:14 Nov '12

lol ....almost like spongebob dance.

I said:08 Nov '12

I think he's COOOOOLLLLL too!!!

MWA said:07 Nov '12


ysam said:26 Oct '12

how to use??

Anonymous said:04 Jun '12

cool...mega lol....

Lisa Lawrence said:12 Apr '12


freaky person said:09 Mar '12

that is so sweet! i love how smiley dances it is oh so funny.
the first time i did all the words backwards sdrawkcab, see ees?

Anonymous said:09 Mar '12

taht si os teews! i evol woh yelims ecnad ti si ho os ynnuf!

adi,aishu said:31 Jan '12

u r so superb smiley love u like anything..........

HIYA said:21 Dec '11

I Love smiles specially the dancing smiles :-) :-D

Anonymous said:24 Mar '11

i want you baby come here

Anonymous said:05 Feb '11

lol i like carlton
= )

waqas said:21 Jan '11

its really cool and nice

ashey said:30 Dec '10


mazzy said:12 Aug '10

i luv these emoticons

melissa said:29 Jun '10

cool! i watch the fresh prince of balair and calton allways does that dance in it! lol, love it soo much!

k8 said:09 May '10

awesome! that is so cool!

mike said:26 Apr '10

Nice. I like that.

nour said:08 Apr '10

we need more smileys

mazza xxx said:03 Apr '10

i love mj hes the best no one else is

Anonymous said:24 Jan '10

it's great!!!!! I LOVE it!

Melvin said:09 Jan '10

cool good dance keep on dancing!

POPO said:27 Dec '09


Santa's helper said:26 Dec '09

easy, press on the get it free in green color box.

Anonymous said:25 Dec '09

how do u download these emoticons???

Anonymous said:23 Oct '09

michael jackson doin da moonwalk well dancin' its so gd, and da hula dance it gd 2, da dancin' penguin i already hav on da msn.

Anonymous said:30 Aug '09

how to download t he msn dancin

Anonymous said:15 Jul '09

michael jackson fazendo o moowlker

Details for dancing smiley

Suggested shortcut: ;dance1
Tags: Dance, Dancing, Smiley
Filename: smiley.gif

  • The Dancing smiley emoticon is Animated
  • Dancing smiley icon file size: 9.43 kB (9656)
  • Added on 11 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Dancing smiley' is animated in 14 frames, the animation is 1.1 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 51 by 44 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Dancing smiley

To use the Dancing smiley icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Dancing smileys emoticons like the dancing smiley icon, visit the Dancing Emoticons pack.

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