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Dancing penguin Emoticon

Dancing penguin animated emoticon
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This cute penguin is really dancing up a storm, and he's got some cool moves too. Dance is the hidden language of the soul. If you wish for your soul to be heard, just dance. This lovely animated emoticon is great for your online MSN and WLM messenger conversations and even emails.

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User comments (44)

Phil chenevert said:18 Oct '20

Awwww! It is not available any more!
So sad... Oct 2020

Jeanette said:04 Jun '18

Hi there,

When I copy a code and then add it to the text of an email, the link comes up with an error message. How can I fix this?

Anonymous said:22 Feb '17

It's summer time! So let's dance! Summer is a time for celebration and dancing as mother nature provides us with warmth and abundance. Enjoy!

@AvaGriesbach said:17 Feb '17

soooooooo funny! It's Dabbing!

AvaGGurl!! said:04 Feb '17

Makes my day when a penguin dabs! XD

Anonymous said:04 Feb '17

Makes my day lol

marca1wj said:05 Apr '16

Makes My Day Very Happy

Anonymous said:16 Aug '15

Like the dancing penguin emoji. It's nice.

Anonymous said:05 Jun '15

I LOVE the dancing penguin emoji!

Hope you all have a great day!

geoff said:01 Jan '15

Yes it says free but you cant download them and why is this?

Anonymous said:09 Dec '12

they don't work when you copy and paste them !

know how said:03 Dec '12

How to make a Penguin Emoticon on facebook chat?

Birds said:29 Nov '12

here is how to make an emoticon penguin eating fish on facebook chat:

(o< <º))))><
\ /\ /

Anonymous said:12 Jul '12

how do i download it

Clari said:02 Jun '12

+ love it very much!!!

Clari said:02 Jun '12

How to do it tell me!!! Pls...

Pizza Lover said:28 Jul '11

Awww So Cute!!!! He Look Like The Penguin From Happy Feet!!!

pingu said:14 May '11

i now am a dancing pengy

Aimee said:14 May '11

that is so cool. i may just have to download that.

Victor Regier said:01 Apr '11

My Phone Number Is 519-236-7599
+ Love The Icon

Anonymous said:07 Dec '10

that's so cute; i love it.

Brenda said:30 Nov '10

Happy Feet !!!!!! I loved that movie !!!!

Aya said:28 Oct '10

it's a PENGUIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:28 Oct '10

lardie dar this is aawsomme :D

Anonymous said:21 Oct '10

hehe... cute i love it! WOW!

Anonymous said:17 Sep '10

AWWWW! So cute. Bless.

Anonymous said:24 Apr '10

happy feeet!!!! awsome

Sherbit :D said:24 Mar '10

lol!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cute

uberepicness said:01 Mar '10

lol!! so funny!!! keep dancing lil' guy!

Anonymous said:28 Nov '09

Jeg likte den som heter:
Hula dabce

babygirl said:11 Nov '09

awwww! it sooo cute!

Anonymous said:27 Oct '09

Elmo knows where you live

colby said:04 Oct '09

i ♥ it make more please

kimmy or kylee said:24 Sep '09

cutie dancing penguiny i name her carmela

Anonymous said:27 Aug '09

they are all super cute!!!

Anonymous said:22 Jun '09

i love these!!!!
they're so cute

Anonymous said:21 Jun '09

so cute lol xox awwww

Anonymous said:30 Mar '09

lol dats funy
ow cutee

animalsrulexxx said:12 Mar '09

aww how cute!

Anonymous said:09 Mar '09

nice pengiin-nice moves lol but i prefer the dancing smiley

Details for dancing penguin

Suggested shortcut: ;pdance
Tags: Dancing, Dance, Penguin, Pingu
Filename: penguin.gif

  • The Dancing penguin emoticon is Animated
  • Dancing penguin icon file size: 36.47 kB (37345)
  • Added on 11 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Dancing penguin' is animated in 28 frames, the animation is 3.36 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 45 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Dancing penguin

To use the Dancing penguin icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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