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Dancing monkey Emoticon

Dancing monkey animated emoticon
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This monkey is dancing in a very strange way! He's moving his back and neck in a weird way, but it accomplishes a nice effect. While his dance is far from graceful, it certainly is funny to look at. Enjoy this monkey emoticon.

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User comments (34)

Monkey Dance Emoji said:14 Nov '15

It is a funny monkey emoji dancing like no one is looking!

Happy Cute said:14 Nov '12

Now This Emoticon is what I call FUNNY!! It easily gets 5 stars rating from me!!

Brown said:07 Dec '11

Aww... such a cute monkey emoji!

Hip Dance emoji said:11 Oct '11

Like this emoji a lot. Very funny.

Dance move emoji said:19 Jun '11

This is weird dance move emoji by a monkey! lol

G.I. Joe said:17 Jun '11

He's funky like a monkey!!

Facebook Emoji said:16 Jun '11

Facebook monkey dance emoji

Cute Emoji said:05 May '11


Veronica said:24 Mar '11

These are so cool emojis!

EMOJI MEANING said:19 Jan '11

What is the meaning of this monkey emoji?

Dance Move Emoji said:18 Jan '11

Aww it's sweet:)
but looks like he's doing something dirty:/
but it is really cute.

Dance Emoji said:18 Jan '11

Hi! I'm loving the emoji pictures, they are well designed.

Anonymous said:05 Nov '10

It seems to me that this little monkey emoji been dancing all night! Good dance move!

Text Monkey Emoji said:31 Oct '10

Stewie emoji is the best by far but the belly dancer emoji is really funny! Love to text them.

Anonymous said:31 Oct '10

Awesome!! That emoji is so cool!

Anonymous said:05 Jun '10

Love to have a png of this emoji.

Crystal Phua said:25 May '10

lol That's quite funny to me!

Amy Graham said:16 May '10

Haha lol

Snapchat Emojis said:15 May '10

I would love to send this funny monkey dance emoji over Snapchat.

Cute Funny Emojis said:29 Oct '09

What can I say more? It's lovely.

Facebook said:05 Sep '09

Can someone please tell me how to download these emojis for facebook post or fb messenger?

Gif said:04 Sep '09

Quite nice

Emoji Dance Rocks said:27 Aug '09

I love the emoji dancing for Facebook and Snapchat and Skype. Please make some more!

Happy Monkey Emoji said:14 Aug '09

His dance moves are similar to my best friend's!

Copy and Paste said:30 Jul '09

Can it be copied and pasted on facebook?

Awesome Emojis said:26 Jul '09

I would love to see this emoticon on Skype messenger.

Gif Emoji said:08 Jul '09

Is this a gif emoji format?

Imitation emoji said:05 Jul '09

They say monkey sees monkey does:@
I wonder whom he's been watching lately!

Crazy Dance Emoji said:14 Jun '09

I love the way he moves his hips! It's a crazy monkey emoji!

Pet Monkey Emoji said:14 Jun '09

I need that monkey!

Hot Dance emoji said:03 May '09

Loving the stewie emoji too ;)

Anonymous said:10 Mar '09

That's hot emoji! I love the belly dancing emoji too.

Jackass Emoticon said:09 Mar '09

Aha you're right gal!

Aimee said:16 Oct '08

These emoticons are so funny, I need to download them! actually I'm gonna do it:p

Details for dancing monkey

Suggested shortcut: ;monkey
Tags: Dance, Dancing, Monkey
Filename: monkey.gif

  • The Dancing monkey emoticon is Animated
  • Dancing monkey icon file size: 1.21 kB (1235)
  • Added on 11 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Dancing monkey' is animated in 5 frames, the animation is 0.6 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 31 by 31 pixels and has 8 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Dancing monkey

To use the Dancing monkey icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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