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Dancing Stewie Emoticon

Dancing Stewie animated emoticon
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an animated emoticon featuring everyone's favorite baby, Stewie Griffin. He's wearing a full suit and hat and performing a little dance routine, doesn't he look adorable?

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User comments (31)

Anna said:26 Aug '17

How to use these Stewie emojis and other emojis and emoticons on Facebook, Skype, Snapchat or Gchat, etc.? I don't know how to get them there on my messenger and text messages.

Cassondra said:16 Jul '15

Awww go Stewie go! Hey, please make one of the evil turtles that Stewie brought home. It would be really funny if it were the motion of the turtle pulling the switchblade Then of course the sinister stare of the evil turtle that followed. ROTFL

kBk said:03 Jul '15

Haha so funny love it make more plz love this site thx

Anonymous said:15 Jun '12

STEWIE GRIFFIN! hes sooo cute and i love family guy. plz!!! plz make more. thanks!

lolgirl said:03 Apr '12

lllolll i love family guy and stewie hahahhahahahhahahaha

Rebecca'NCIS'Emm said:17 Feb '12

omg it didnt even work

Pizza Lover said:28 Jul '11

Awwww He Is Soo Cute!!!! I Think Its Cute When He Say "Damn You Brian!!!" It Like They Are Really Close Friends And I Think The Show Should Only Be Stewie And Brian Because They The Only Cool PPl On There!!! It Should Be Called Little Stewie And Brian The Dog!!!! Lol!!!!!!

Anonymous said:04 Feb '11


Lil$ Kim said:30 Jan '11

hey how yall doin even if im famous dont mean i cant like stewie thats might be my fav person on family guy:)

SHISHI said:08 Jan '11


Anonymous said:17 Sep '10

stewie is the only reason i watch family guy cartoon. he's the best. I collect all smileys and emoticons of them.

Anonymous said:28 Jun '10

ahhhh dancing stewie i remember the episode of family guy where he did that dance.Classic!!!!.......i'm gonna take one of stewie's lines here and say "thats the good stuff"

Anonymous said:12 Jun '10

this emote is like the bomb!! I love baby Stewie.

Anonymous said:14 Mar '10

Funny!!! please make more (even though these are awesome... MORE! MORE!

gurprrett said:10 Jan '10

stwie let go goooooo!!

ashlee said:10 Jan '10

thanks for the icon, STEWIE makes family guy the great show that it is...

Melvin said:09 Jan '10

yea go stewie! you go boy!

Anonymous said:01 Nov '09

go stewie.....

me .....i am cool said:16 Oct '09

i love family guy and stewie is the best :) :) i love it + more family guy plz :D i love it ......................................

kimmy or kylee said:24 Sep '09

ewwwwwwwwww eyebags i don't want to watch

demii said:19 Jul '09

naww luv that episode n luv stewie

hafsa hashmi said:19 Jun '09

how cute dancing hoo hooo hoo have fun do more dance with any other cutom then we more downlode do do dance anybody can't stop you doo......

Anonymous said:10 May '09

ure all tubes btw commentin on pictres
U all fancyy micheal jacksonn pedos ! !:-@

joe said:06 May '09

do u play runescape>>??

Anonymous said:31 Mar '09

arent them family guy emotions funny!!

Blaze said:23 Mar '09

yo that is so Jokes man

Anonymous said:18 Mar '09


iCOW said:13 Mar '09

yeah it aint hard mate, right click and save as.
Make sure you save it as a gif so it's animated, then go into msn or ur IM and add emoticon... locate the image and there you go, all secrets uncovered :)

ι¢є кι∂ said:11 Feb '09

hack wooooohooooooooooooooo

xXLiLpRInCEsSXx said:03 Feb '09

i luv family guy and stewie iz my fave

sloth782 said:24 Jul '08

stewie should have fallen down by now with the way he is dancing!

Details for dancing stewie

Suggested shortcut: ;stew1
Tags: Stewie, Dance, Dancing, Family, Guy
Filename: stewie-2.gif

  • The Dancing Stewie emoticon is Animated
  • Dancing Stewie icon file size: 13.02 kB (13337)
  • Added on 23 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Cartoon Emoticons

'Dancing Stewie' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.4 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Dancing Stewie

To use the Dancing Stewie icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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