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Michael Jackson dancing Emoticon

Michael Jackson dancing animated emoticon
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This is an emoticon of Michael Jackson dancing in his Thriller suit. It has a very nice and smooth animation and looks quite good. Michael is going down in history as a pop music and dance icon, and he certainly deserves his own emoticon! We hope you enjoy this Dancing MJ emoticon.

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User comments (449)

1383 said:16 Jun '21

Michael Jackson dancing Emoticon
Michael Jackson dancing animated emoticon

1383 said:16 Jun '21

Michael Jackson dancing Emoticon
Michael Jackson dancing animated emoticon

Philip4671 said:08 Jan '21

RIP Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Arriety said:09 Jun '20

Awesome! Can't wait to use these on my projects!

MichaelJacksonFanHEE said:09 Jun '20

Ok well you can't download them but if you wish to use them in a text or something you click on the emoji, copy the code and paste.
-MichaelJacksonHEE June 9th 2020
-MichaelJacksonFanHEE **June 9th 2020**

Anonymous said:30 Jul '18

That’s not how you moonwalk! The foot on the floor slides back, then you put the foot that’s on the tippy-toe on the floor and the one on the floor on it’s tippy toe, then slide the foot on the floor back and keep doing that.

MJLOVER said:25 Jun '17

How can I get these emoticons? I really want one.

Anonymous said:07 Apr '17

How can I get them? I am a huge fan. I know everything about Micheal Jackson.

Anonymous said:05 Aug '16

My son is the biggest fan of his.
I came here to download some MJ dancing emojis. Not disappointed. Thanks.

Lisa said:27 May '16

How can I get all the MJ emojis?

MJ for life said:16 Feb '16

I loved and still love him.

misty said:11 Dec '15

The king of pop. A legacy. Alive. Never forgotten.

MJ Emojis said:02 Dec '15

I am a big fan and I collect whatever Micheal Jackson emojis I can get my hands on! Gifs, Png, text, anything...

Nadia said:06 May '15

Michael Jackson is the King!

Anonymous said:06 May '15

This Michael Jackson emoji is truly cool. Awesome!

Anonymous said:23 Jan '15

Oh my Gosh... this is too good

ross said:11 Jan '15

como descargo los emoticonos de michael please

19 Love said:11 Jan '15

I love him so much.
How can I download these?

Erik said:21 Dec '14

These on Skype, I am so abusing them sometimes!

Anonymous said:29 Nov '14

MICHAEL JACKSON an angel that left us all too soon and who will always be with us, hence his song you are not alone.

mjfan4everluvumj said:07 Sep '14

Love MJ 4ever. king of pop, u r always in my heart.

Anonymous said:21 Jun '14

so cool

adi.... said:03 Mar '14

How to use on Fb?

Anonymous said:12 Dec '13

awesome emotion evr seen.

imran said:21 Nov '13


Akil said:23 Oct '13

What's the shortcut key for this emoticon?

krishna said:06 Jun '13

can we get these on wechat?

Anonymous said:19 Feb '13

Brilliant!!!!and it's really nice!!!!

SARA said:06 Jan '13

come on PYT don't be so serious, emoticons are for fun too!! actually they'd better to be called emotiFun!

MJ girlfriend, PYT said:05 Jan '13

The nose falling off is just MEAN!!

unica said:14 Nov '12

I do not know what to say when it comes to Michael Jackson, I think whatever I could write could not tell even half of what I feel. I'm everyday listening to your soft voice, that's what excites me every morning, afternoon and evening, every day, all the time, whenever I hear your songs. because it's the only thing that makes me feel closer to you. Michael Jackson the king, the temple, the myth of love, I LOVE YOU!

mj4ever said:03 Aug '12

awww so coool. love it..

Mirian said:18 Jun '12

wuapooooooooo!!!!! i love you te quiero

Fatima said:18 Jun '12

Mk te k mucho!!!!!!!!!

mj lover said:13 Jun '12

i love mj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hate j_______

biajackson said:05 May '12

i love you so much. you are in my heart

Angie said:25 Apr '12

Ich vermisse dich so sehr. it means I miss you so much.

Bieber'sGurl!!!(; said:25 Apr '12

i love u michael jackson!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:27 Mar '12

nice, how i can take it to my facebook?

fati chakira said:07 Dec '11

i love you m*j mi moi fati chakira

Details for michael jackson dancing

Suggested shortcut: ;dance5
Tags: Michael, Jackson, Dance, Dancing
Filename: michael-jackson.gif

  • The Michael Jackson dancing emoticon is Animated
  • Michael Jackson dancing icon file size: 14.80 kB (15157)
  • Added on 11 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Michael Jackson dancing' is animated in 52 frames, the animation is 5.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 7 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Michael Jackson dancing

To use the Michael Jackson dancing icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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