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I'm Sorry Emoticon

I'm Sorry animated emoticon
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Sorry is the magical word to apologize after you've done something wrong, it's also great to make a yelling person stop shouting at you! You shouldn't say sorry too often or if you don't mean it, otherwise nobody will believe you anymore when you apologize for anything. This little smiley is really sad (and literally blue) and has decided to apologize for whatever it did by saying that he is sorry. Use this animated emoticon whenever you need to express remorse and regret and need to get out of a jam!

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User comments (28)

Anonymous said:25 Jul '16

Best website I have ever seen

Anonymous said:25 Jul '16

i love this emotion ♥ [awesome] omg

Anonymous said:25 Jul '16

He sent me the I'm sorry emoji, but wasn't sincere in his apology. I could sense that.

Anonymous said:18 Sep '14

Sorry for my snappiness. Not sure what happened. It just came out before I knew it.

Anonymous said:13 Sep '14

How this help person that have never shown emotion?

Anonymous said:03 Feb '14

So so Cute! I could just eat them all!

Sorry smiley face said:10 Nov '13

It's not working in my skype!

Anonymous said:26 Jul '13

I LIKE THESE! They are cool. I'll download them!

i am sorry said:13 Jun '13

Good its gud to have this

Claudia said:20 Sep '12

Sorry ! We ate your Sandwich but we did n't know that it was yours

Anonymous said:29 Mar '12

but how can we make it

saransh said:12 Jan '12

bt hw cn we use in fb bcoz it only shows full html address no smiley yr

happy-to-help said:04 Oct '11

Yes you can use it on your facebook. on your facebook chat that is.

DJ said:03 Oct '11

can i use it on facebook?

zal said:25 Aug '11

can i use this on skype.. & if can pls tell me how. tq

luved up xx :P said:01 Aug '11

aww bless it.

Carool ♥ said:05 May '11

Legaal. Esse site é ingles mais estou comentando mesmo assim ! ADOREI od emoticons !!!!

ooiue55 said:05 May '11

Legal. Muito criativos os emoticons

dj1437 said:18 Mar '11

cool smileys! i soooo luv dis web site

Anonymous said:15 Dec '10

It's fantastic! lol that's the only word to describe this smiley.

♥♥Jess♥♥ said:30 Aug '10

awesome ;) i ♥ dis website ! [i mean that]

ѕαναииα яσ said:24 Jun '10

These are Cute :]
You should make more :) i Love the angry hello kitty ha ha ha

кαямαи said:30 May '10

this emotions makes me feel bad...but i still ♥ it!

^_*Boys Over Flowers said:05 May '10

wow this so so cute (SORRY)

NICE ! ^_*

zona said:31 Mar '10

Tinggalkanlah kesenangan yang menghalangi pencapaian kecemerlangan hidup yang diidamkan. Dan berhati-hatilah, karena beberapa kesenangan adalah cara gembira menuju kegagalan..

Anonymous said:23 Mar '10

I think it really shows the deep sorry emotions sometimes we feel. I rate it as 5 stars. please add more of similar emotes. Thanks

Anonymous said:19 Mar '10

i love the im sorry smiley face i just (L) it lol
send me it not relly but i wish you could lol (L)

Bobby-Joe said:07 Mar '10

OH, MY.. i ♥ this emoticon

Details for i'm sorry

Suggested shortcut: ;sorry
Tags: Sorry, Apologize, Forgive, Sad, Upset
Filename: im_sorry.gif

  • The I'm Sorry emoticon is Animated
  • I'm Sorry icon file size: 16.57 kB (16972)
  • Added on 30 December, 2009
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'I'm Sorry' is animated in 23 frames, the animation is 3.1 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 83 by 83 pixels and has 255 colors.

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Showing 20 of 23 frames.

Codes for I'm Sorry

To use the I'm Sorry icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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