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Girly hi Emoticon

Girly hi animated emoticon
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An animated word emoticon where a cute girl waves and says hi, a very cool hello emoticon for girls. This is a very pretty and quirky text emoticon and a great way to initiate your message on MSN if you're a girl, enjoy.

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User comments (51)

rose said:26 Dec '16

This is a very feminine emoticon. Cute.

Carro the hedgehog said:26 Jul '16

This girly Hi emoji is so cute! ^.^
I just forgot how to send it to my bff!

sayeh said:06 Nov '14

Hi everybody! i am Iranian. How about you?

awsomw girl said:27 Jun '12

she sticking her middle finger! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Jacqui-anna said:24 Apr '12

ummmm does anyone have a FB thats a girl and i can add them?

love u... said:24 Dec '11

i love the "girl blowing kiss"

zam said:19 Sep '11

i love the play boy 1 ohh yeh

megxmog said:28 Aug '11

I love all of it and I think it is so funny. LOL!

Lilwayne lover xxx said:25 Aug '11

aww this emoticon is so cute xxxx :) mmwwaahh! x

RachaelAnnn♥ said:16 Jan '11

♥ reminds me off my best mate ♥ she does wave like that ♥ love this website!! ♥

Anonymous said:07 Nov '10

this animation is so cute and lovely =)

Sam said:18 Oct '10

hi people how are you

Anonymous said:18 Oct '10

i really like this smiley

Anonymous said:26 Sep '10

click the download button are you blaind

said:15 Sep '10

Can someone help me here? I don't know how to download.

Anonymous said:03 Sep '10

i like it, it's a nice word emoticon! I wish there was a complete list of text smileys here on this site.

Anonymous said:29 Aug '10

Absolutely Awesome Website!

кαямαи said:29 May '10

Hello! i know this is good! =)

teyix said:29 May '10

Hello every body ! This is very good.

Anonymous said:30 Apr '10

sooo awesome! thx for creating this website!!

Anonymous said:22 Apr '10

oh those are really cool

Anonymous said:18 Apr '10


hi guys said:02 Apr '10

woww cool website get moree

Anonymous said:21 Mar '10

how do u get them on MSN its soo anoying!!

anon said:08 Mar '10

how do u get them onto msn? its not ctrl c then ctrl v i dunno howww

freak on the block said:28 Feb '10

there weird and super funky, i love em all!!

Anonymous said:23 Feb '10

these emoticons are amazing lol :)

Anonymous said:22 Feb '10

These Are Cool :D XD

courtney said:11 Feb '10

ilove the all :) I Reall Think They are cool especially The One That Says Girley heyy :)

Anonymous said:11 Nov '09

they are do kool how do i get them for msn

tia said:31 Jul '09

hi can i join the chat

MADZ IN THE HOUSE said:19 Jul '09

but theere cute there not weird that was a jokke sorry

Anonymous said:19 Jul '09

get way more they are weird

am el sedusidor said:13 Jul '09

kharoll chavez villanueva te amo con todo mi corazon

BRIRK said:11 Jul '09


Anonymous said:25 May '09

CuTeIiLike :] ii WantSumfinFun Pwz :]

holly said:22 May '09

like it it s gd dude x (L)

pinkbeutisxyxxxx said:20 Apr '09

hey can u have som cute kitten pic lol thx xxxx

Anonymous said:29 Mar '09

yh right get some buggy man's here

Anonymous said:20 Mar '09

the playboy hting is verry weird

Details for girly hi

Suggested shortcut: /hi
Tags: Hi, Hello, Girly, Girl
Filename: girl-hi.gif

  • The Girly hi emoticon is Animated
  • Girly hi icon file size: 8.58 kB (8785)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Girly hi' is animated in 8 frames, the animation is 0.9 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Girly hi

To use the Girly hi icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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