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Animated hello Emoticon

Animated hello animated emoticon
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Here is another cool animated word emoticon featuring a word that we all use everyday, Hello. The letters look like little blocks, with each one being of a different color. The animation moves across each letter, making it a very cool emoticon. You can use this to start all your conversations with your friends, we recommend it.

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User comments (191)

Anonymous said:09 Aug '17

Neat Emojis!

Anonymous said:22 Feb '17

Nio To Gramy Kochani

Georgia said:17 Apr '15

Just click on the Codes and there will be the codes.

Anonymous said:22 Aug '14

please help me to know how to use it?

Anonymous said:23 Jun '14 injoy !!

Anonymous said:04 Apr '14

But how?

Anonymous said:27 Dec '13

Hahaha very nice and unbelievably cool Hello emoji!

Anonymous said:27 Nov '13

Nice to start the day with a smile!

jake said:02 Aug '13

I love this one. Please put more.

lola tng said:19 Jun '13

Wow! Awesome i love this

Anonymous said:10 May '13


hi this page is nice said:12 Nov '12

good pics, very nice soooo cool...

Anonymous said:13 Jul '12

love this link i wish i can download it

hyio said:27 Jun '12

very nice. so coooool.

Anonymous said:08 Jun '12

ciau...sconosccete gli one directions????!

hi pepz said:14 Aug '11

the rolling laughter is lolz!!

LOL said:31 Jul '11


Anonymous said:13 Jun '11

hELLO HoMeR75 but ive seen stuff like that loads

Anonymous said:08 May '11

cool but ive seen stuff like that loads of times :S

Anonymous said:07 May '11

beautiful!! ihihih :D :)

pokkewijf said:17 Apr '11

woooow these are soo awesome!!! never seen that!!

salima mmmmm said:15 Apr '11

jullie zijn suf zech

rosee said:21 Feb '11

nice! these are kinda cool! :)

ella said:18 Feb '11

cute animation!!!

CIARA said:15 Feb '11


any♥ anahy♥ said:12 Feb '11

¬¬hello ice love fisk hiii you love justin bieber♥¬¬¬¬¬¬

Girafeee said:29 Jan '11

ha ha! wuu2 stands for "What U Up to?" or "What are You Up To?". it's an abbreviation form or acronym or a slang word which is used a lot on the internet these days by the young generation. hope this helped especially the newbies or better to say the noobs!! LOLz

Anonym 1 said:28 Jan '11

what do you mean by wuu2 animation? if you explain better maybe someone can help.

Anonymous said:28 Jan '11

i need a wuu2 animation

Anonymous said:13 Jan '11

can u make even better ones? ¬¬

Anonymous said:04 Jan '11

There cool but i really HATE the sup one=(

Anonymous said:01 Jan '11

fuuny and awesome :)

:)smileygurll. said:29 Nov '10

verryy kutee! :) :D

Michaelaah(: said:08 Nov '10

Dessh. are kinnda cool(: lol hahaa:))

Anonymous said:06 Nov '10

they are very cool

Anonymous said:30 Oct '10

theese are sooo cool!! ♥ :]

Rosie said:21 Oct '10

i like chocolate sticky buns but tht aint here!!

komal rocks said:10 Oct '10

i likeeeeee this. this is awesome i want it.

booo!!! said:06 Oct '10

these are cool and i want to have alot of them

Anonymous said:25 Sep '10

brilliant sign and how did you invent it.what site

Details for animated hello

Suggested shortcut: ;hello
Tags: Hello, Hi, Greet
Filename: hello-2.gif

  • The Animated hello emoticon is Animated
  • Animated hello icon file size: 6.66 kB (6821)
  • Added on 21 September, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Animated hello' is animated in 7 frames, the animation is 1.23 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 65 by 20 pixels and has 255 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Show frame details

Showing all 7 frames.

Codes for Animated hello

To use the Animated hello icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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