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Rolling laughter Emoticon

Rolling laughter animated emoticon
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This emoticon is rolling on the floor laughing, an animated incarnation of the ROFL acronym! Do you really want to be wise? Then Be Happy! Greet the life with joy and let your soul blossom in life's charming gardens. Use this excellent animated rolling laughter emoticon for those hilarious and funny conversations with your online instant messenger chat buddies. It works great with MSN and WLM, enjoy!

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User comments (67)

Anonymous said:31 Mar '22

What a great smiley. Really made me smile

Anonymous said:24 Mar '19

Love this little guy!

Anonymous said:10 Jan '19

codes do not work for me. :-(

Sue said:05 Sep '18

What keys do I use for the ROTFLMAO keyboard emoji?

Anonymous said:13 Dec '17

Where is the one like this that has sound and he is rolling over on his stomach hitting the floor with his hands?

Anonymous said:23 Dec '16

Hearty LAUGHTER, the cure to many diseases of body and mind... So let's laugh together...Genuine laughter only...

Anonymous said:30 Nov '16

Love this rolling laughter emoji and I have been looking for this more than a year. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said:28 Apr '16

Love them! Great emotes!

Roling Laughter Emoj said:21 Nov '15

Dude that rolling laughter emoji was sick, like to see some more of that online.

gloria said:01 Jul '15

they make me laugh...too cute

Anonymous said:25 Nov '14

Funny... so cute. I like it.

Anonymous said:10 Feb '14

The Joy of The Lord!!

Anonymous said:15 Jan '14

To download rolling laughter emoji right click, then save image as, and OK.

Charles said:02 Jan '14

The Best, of all the Rest, they do not pass the Test!
So just relax!

capitalfmrads said:12 Nov '13

I'm doin' just dat at da moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sapana said:13 Sep '13

How to download this emotions. it's very funny.

pontus80 said:06 Jul '13

:) hello every one and have good weekend!

Anonymous said:01 Jul '13

hilarious!!Everyone should enjoy this.

pontus80 said:01 Jul '13


Craftkey said:07 Apr '13


Dubble D said:28 Feb '13

I'm so lazy that I just show up at {provider} to get them to install or do whatever.

annette calhoun said:05 Jan '13

It makes me laugh... My favorite!

Anonymous said:04 Jan '13

love the rolling laughter how can i send to my phone with sound

lol said:11 Nov '12

hahahahahaa!!! XDDDD

nicsh'oqnkid said:23 Oct '12

how do u download? TELL ME!!!

Cherie said:06 Sep '12

How to make laughing smiley faces for facebook?

Anonymous said:22 Aug '12

How do I send this to my phone????

chance said:23 Mar '12

how do u do it on facebook?

Anonymous said:29 Dec '11

Love the rolling laugh it makes mee roll and laugh too ! xx

Anonymous said:19 Dec '11

ROFLMAO hahahaha these are so funny!

Pencil Drawing said:23 Nov '11

need to test before use, thank you

megxmog said:28 Aug '11

I think this is so funny! All of this is fab and I love it.

Anonymous said:19 May '11

how can i send rolling laughter to my phone with sound

Anonymous said:03 May '11

it is so funny! hahahha

Someone you know.... said:05 Apr '11

All of you Are dumme I hater all of you

Anonymous said:03 Mar '11

How can i send it to my phone

mr.babu said:18 Jan '11

this is so funny that i farted from laughing.... laugh... laugh ... fart ..fart

Anonymous said:06 Dec '10

This is sooooooooo funny

Anonymous said:04 Dec '10

if only we could get more of these laughing smileys! please!!!

Anonymous said:04 Dec '10

so cute!!! I love it!!!!

Details for rolling laughter

Suggested shortcut: ;laugh2
Tags: Rolling, Rofl, Rotfl, Laugh, Laughing
Filename: rolling.gif

  • The Rolling laughter emoticon is Animated
  • Rolling laughter icon file size: 27.66 kB (28322)
  • Added on 17 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'Rolling laughter' is animated in 18 frames, the animation is 3.62 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 40 pixels and has 216 colors.

Codes for Rolling laughter

To use the Rolling laughter icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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