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Crying with laughter Emoticon

Crying with laughter animated emoticon
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This emoticon is laughing so hard, he's crying! We wonder what's so funny? Why be sad while you can be joyful? Always try to make someone happy, and you'll find endless joy as a by-product of it. This is a very good laughing emoticon for those situations when you're laughing with tears. Wishing you many uses of this crying laughter smiley!

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User comments (30)

Anonymous said:19 Mar '15

Funny emoji! Been looking at it for an hour now!

Anonymous said:11 Feb '13

hehehe funny so far....

sanaya kapoor said:22 Jun '12

awesome... it's too funny and cute!

Anonymous said:06 Sep '11

LOL laughing out loud

somebody said:07 Mar '11

wierd i bet i can make a better one :'(

lol said:06 Mar '11

im crying with laughter after watching it lol xxx

Stay in school kids! said:22 Aug '10

GO JUSTIN BIEBER!! cough... cough... *sneeze* bieber fever!

кαямαи said:29 May '10

same =) sometimes it looks like it's REALLY crying!

Dj Ali said:05 Mar '10

very nice!!!!! I really like these emotes!

#Melvin########## said:09 Jan '10

You can get the emoticons free, you see where it say get it free cause I see it.

Emoticonts said:29 Dec '09

how to download this file?

randomer said:12 Nov '09

i lov dis sitee im on it like all day evry day i lovee me da cryin wit laughter 1

A Person :p said:22 Sep '09

I ALWWAAAYS do that at Schooooollll. But its Annoying when They say your crying! I'm like I know That haha.

Anonymous said:22 Sep '09

I Love The Crying With Laughter One Haha

Riona said:16 Jul '09

The crying with laughther is so funny and cool.

Anonymous said:16 Apr '09

how to use this all emoticons in forums

Anonymous said:12 Apr '09

it is soooooooooooo coolie!

$arah x-x-x-xbabe$ said:23 Mar '09

itchs $arah heir jen boij geruip baerio fedi coool :)

sammie babe xxx said:15 Mar '09

kwl emotions everyone once u download them lol u should send them 2 all ur friends. xxxx

sammie babe xxx said:15 Mar '09

all of these emoticons are sick, well once u download them lol

lilly-jener said:15 Mar '09

ASeuioh koip liuop hertgt veconuid hahe:) getyui fresdrtehiu vefrt

lilly-jener said:15 Mar '09

noujei germine iui aeem loookeb colebriu hekol SUOT OUPI !!!!!!!!! WOICEKEDUI WTERG

stella babeii xxxx said:10 Mar '09

cool Emotion peeps whats up everyone xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said:08 Mar '09

kwl where are they when you download em ?

Anonymous said:30 Jan '09

lol so funny but dont like smiley central or i would have downloaded it

Anonymous said:18 Jan '09

Lmao i think i'd be dead if i laughed that much

becky said:24 Dec '08

lol he/she is wentin ther pants off. if i laughed like that i would be died ! lol lol lol lol lol lmho lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

me said:22 Dec '08

killer..heaps cool..cute to!

Anonymous said:21 Dec '08


Anonymous said:09 Nov '08

Man Im Cryin Wid Laughter Mii Sefl Now looooollllll

Details for crying with laughter

Suggested shortcut: ;laugh3
Tags: Cry, Laugh, Laughing, Tears
Filename: crying.gif

  • The Crying with laughter emoticon is Animated
  • Crying with laughter icon file size: 32.98 kB (33771)
  • Added on 17 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'Crying with laughter' is animated in 54 frames, the animation is 5.4 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Crying with laughter

To use the Crying with laughter icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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