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Laughing MSN Emoticon

Laughing MSN emoticon
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Ever laugh so much that you started to cry (or wee your pants)? We've all done it at some point. This is a static smiley that is based on the standard MSN emoticons. It looks great and you can use it for those times you're laughing hysterically at your keyboard.

Emoticons like Laughing MSN:

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User comments (42)

Anonymous said:21 May '11

lol! They are so cool, more than 10 of them!!

Eriika said:28 Apr '11

They're so freaking cool, I JUST DOWNLOADED IT!!!

Anonymous said:21 Apr '11

Those are so niice omg i love them

Anonymous said:13 Feb '11

i like them but there more is needed :)

Anonymous said:31 Jan '11

i use them on me msn name (y)

siobhan10 said:29 Dec '10

I like the one that's called smile laughing :)

siobhan10 said:29 Dec '10

i love these smileys :)

megan. said:06 Oct '10

i like xD ones :DD x

Anonymous said:30 Aug '10

This is good, is it only for msn or can you add it in Skype?

megan said:23 Aug '10

hahaha xD they're all quite funny :D xx

cutie said:20 Aug '10

these are really laughable emoticons! ha ha they make you laugh hysterically! LOL

Anonymous said:23 Jul '10

I think they're all awesome emoticons; like them all.

HaRrIeT x (: $ said:13 Jun '10

wat i did not rite vat???? :s x

HaRrIeT x (: $ said:29 May '10

this webby is pretty kewl i suppose!

Anonymous said:29 May '10

oh my god they're so kewl

chels said:30 Apr '10

they're well good but they need to be a bit smaller (N)

SaNa said:10 Apr '10

these emoticons are wicked i wish there were some more

AlEx said:01 Apr '10

these are really cool and i love them they're the best.

CheekyCharliee said:25 Jan '10

these are really cool, and I was looking for some new emoticons too! thanks :D

Olivia'mae said:24 Jan '10

these emotes are cool, ly x

sweet candy said:27 Dec '09

i tottally agree with

Anonymous said:20 Nov '09

smiling is healthy :)

Anonymous said:01 Oct '09

there shud be one like this x) < i luv that face!

Amrit x said:15 Sep '09

Godd i need an emotion like this :D

CT said:06 Aug '09

this smiley is so good, he has laughed so much that he is crying xD xD

toni said:21 Jul '09

i love them i WANT MORE :L

Naani said:15 Jul '09

Maassa demaais .. oiaoia ..

ayesha said:07 Jul '09

i luv theze smileys!
i want more lolzzzz

Annie-may said:05 Jun '09

if you got something to say yeah than just say it duhh in ENGLISH !

kathrine xxxxxx said:01 May '09


J 0 $ H said:18 Mar '09

The best website ever 4 downloading emoticions Its great! use it thxxxx

Anonymous said:18 Mar '09

this website is great i got loads of cool stuff from it! thx

aisha said:14 Mar '09

' i think they should have more emoticons that are like the original yellow faced msn ones but different expressions. it's still good!'yeh i agree wid this 1

stella babeii xxxx said:13 Mar '09

what ya wana talk about

stella babeii xxxx said:10 Mar '09

ok then . . . . . . . . . . .

Anonymous said:09 Mar '09

anonymous meens you could be a boy or a girl but you jus dont want ppl to know if your a boy or a girl !!!!!!!!

stella babeii xxxx said:09 Mar '09

is anonymous a boy or a girl if you dont mind me asking ='0)

stella babeii xxxx said:08 Mar '09

thank you lol :):):):):):):):)

stella babeii xxxx said:07 Mar '09


stella babeii xxxx said:07 Mar '09

Anonymous i think the same thing xxxx i hate emoitons but i like faced emotions can anybody tell me how to get em please

Details for laughing msn

Suggested shortcut: ;laugh5
Tags: Laugh, Laughing, Tears, Laughter
Filename: lol.png

  • The Laughing MSN emoticon is Static
  • Laughing MSN icon file size: 907 Bytes (907)
  • Added on 17 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

It's a PNG image measuring 19 by 19 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Laughing MSN

To use the Laughing MSN icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Laughing smileys emoticons like the laughing msn icon, visit the Laughing Emoticons pack.

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