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XD emoticon
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XD is a laughing text emoticon that is considered by many to be a superior replacement for LOL. It's a laughing face when you look at it sideways, with X being the eyes and D being the open mouth. But why use text emoticons when you can have colorful graphics? Add this XD smiley to MSN or anywhere else and have a laugh. Don't overuse it though, it can get annoying.

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User comments (33)

Anonymous said:23 Jan '14


asdfasdf said:19 Mar '12

Haha! cool emotes :)

XD said:01 Mar '12


dsf said:25 Mar '11

xD XD Xd xd

Anonymous said:09 Feb '11

thanks for the xD guys

RIRUKA-RIKARU_xDDD said:30 Jan '11

s'il vous plaît appelez-je vous demander à vos amis s'ils ne sont pas comme la fille de Dieu et de votre sœur

RIRUKA-RIKARU_xDDD said:30 Jan '11

si vous savez que s'il vous plaît appelez 5550125 urgence

RIRUKA-RIKARU_xDDD said:30 Jan '11

xDDest très sympa et très cool de vous entendu connaissez la chanson de dady d'adieu?

I believe said:26 Jan '11

ha ha good one! a hearty laughter emoticon! i believe the keyboard emoticons and smileys are absolutely useful when you need a virtual laughing experience!!!

Anonymous said:31 Oct '10

Moi jsuis francaise (quebec)

Juulliers said:24 Oct '10

Moi aussi :DD Je le suis ( francaise )

Anonymous said:20 Oct '10

Moi je suis francaise =)

Louisa said:20 Sep '10

LOL, i really need to pee in my pants, or maybe i did..hahaha it's hilarious, oh yea and cute it some way. i'm so love'n it.

Laura said:03 Jul '10

XD lol ;) i love this smileys

menininha said:23 May '10

éé atee legal os emotions akee!!

leon said:03 May '10

aqui só tem ingleses eu sou brasileiro

tGba said:16 Mar '10


đorđe said:03 Mar '10

hahaha, this is so funny that i need to pee my laughter!!

elza said:27 Feb '10

sen spska qetu

nmichaeljackson1fan said:26 Feb '10

i luv dem some are HILARIOUS ! LOL XD :)

yyyy said:22 Feb '10

very beautiful emotion...oh yea it's very cute.

noemi said:26 Dec '09

The xD emoticons are the very best ones to use on MSN, its the coolest icon there is!!!!!!

StEpHaNe-BoY said:07 Nov '09

lol is nice hahahahahahahahahaha

BOB! said:30 Oct '09

i love them :) they are soo cool please make more :) x

Slovenščina said:11 Oct '09

halåjsa enlżoven klajr wcet råndak eldn wes šzrkonij endøjke xDD

dani said:25 Jul '09

hey peopl howu doin lol lol lol lol

THE QUEEN said:20 Jul '09


Gustavo said:30 Jun '09

AUSHaushaushauh Quero um xD

Anonymous said:28 Jun '09

O.o A bit weird - no offense.

lilly-jener said:15 Mar '09

princhesses un jelingher geon bload frediu kolpu neruij herling deaseg yiojn nohhhhhh coohl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XxXXXx said:22 Oct '08

hej njerz shum t`s`muta kto sene vene hallal aa a a aaa
hajt zemerr ju kommm hallalllll
bismilaji ramani e rahimi :D:P

kk(kaka) said:22 Oct '08

i like this
like emoticons xD and everything bye bye XD

tinnk said:22 Oct '08

hallall emoticonat xD

Details for xd

Suggested shortcut: xd
Tags: Xd, Laugh, Laughing, Laughter
Filename: xd.png

  • The XD emoticon is Static
  • XD icon file size: 799 Bytes (799)
  • Added on 17 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

It's a PNG image measuring 19 by 19 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for XD

To use the XD icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Laughing smileys emoticons like the xd icon, visit the Laughing Emoticons pack.

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