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Bye animated emoticon
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We know saying bye can be hard, but hopefully this animated bye emoticon can make things a bit easier! This is a colorful word emoticon where the letter Y give the letter E a little nudge, making it move. A clever way of showing the concept of leaving! A very cool emoticon to use on MSN or WLM.

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User comments (105)

poop:) said:24 Mar '13


bob:) said:24 Mar '13

they r quite awesome

goodie said:11 Feb '13

Sanai if you have a cell phone you have to use text emoticons only. go to the text section see what you can find there. go there from sidebar menu.

Sanai said:11 Feb '13

I mean symols of bye not pictures because i have got a cell phone not a touch phone

Anonymous said:23 Jul '12

wat did justin bieber ever do to u??? u dont have to tease him just because his prettyness

Anonymous said:27 May '12

justine Bieber is not a loser......
he is the KING of

hgfyhsdbfgdhbh said:28 Feb '12

justin beiber who hates him meeeeeee hes horrid !!!!!!!!!

BOB said:27 Nov '11

Hello im Bob im also called bobby

Anonymous said:09 Nov '11

Mit Freundlichen Grüß Lugano

Anonymous said:26 Sep '11

justin bieber? boooo !

Anonymous said:30 Aug '11

:) he he he he he he he he heh :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said:15 Jun '11

this website rules rite
p.s im the same person below

anonamus said:12 Jun '11

Justin beiber sucks.

bileiber said:06 Jun '11

this is awesome....

meee said:02 May '11

yes you're right justin bieber is Looser

Anonymous said:20 Apr '11

Justin Bieber is LOSER

justin bieber said:22 Mar '11

he is a girl xxxxx not

katieeee xxx said:19 Mar '11

i love justin bieber xxx

Anonymous said:06 Mar '11

Justin Bieber sounds like a girl when he sings!! LOL

Anonymous45 said:02 Mar '11

he is not uncool.

Your friend said:25 Feb '11

Justin Bieber Is NOT cool!!!! x

any♥ said:12 Feb '11

do you love justin bieber?

ha ha said:12 Jan '11

you mean you don't love Kendall Schmidt?

cool kid said:10 Jan '11

i dont like him hahahah

Anonymous said:09 Jan '11

i luvv kendall schmiidt

miarose said:09 Jan '11

justin bieber is hot!

Anonymous said:16 Dec '10

JUSTION? justin ok and no is BIEBER OK is really not difficult to write well

CHLOE said:14 Dec '10


roedy said:06 Dec '10

heeeeeeeeeeee,,,,salam ya buat semuanya,,,

Anonymous said:02 Dec '10

Thats Pritty Babish ?? And Not Much Fun :

lewyyyyyyyyyy said:14 Nov '10

jls are the coolest ever

Anonymous said:08 Oct '10

these are nice bye emoticons. Bye for now!

Anonymous said:01 Oct '10

That's pretty cute ♥

Freddy said:30 Sep '10

nice animated word emoticons!

Anonymous said:27 Sep '10

joni bossi me i miri

meeeee :) said:18 Aug '10


Anonymous said:04 Aug '10

hey they are cool!!!!!!!!!!

charlie said:23 Jul '10

i love it, i wish i could have more though!!!

Samaraaa-Ashleigghhh said:28 Jun '10

they're great can u get more!!!!!!!

Miss_Bananaa xx said:29 May '10

love these text emoticons. Can you do more please? thanks xx

Details for bye

Suggested shortcut: ;bye
Tags: Bye, Goodbye, Byebye
Filename: bye.gif

  • The Bye emoticon is Animated
  • Bye icon file size: 3.68 kB (3772)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'Bye' is animated in 9 frames, the animation is 1.08 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 46 by 24 pixels and has 71 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Bye

To use the Bye icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free MSN Words emoticons like the bye icon, visit the Word Emoticons pack.

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