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hurry up emoticon
Hurry Up
home emoticon
oh stop it... go on! emoticon
Oh stop it... Go on!
a penny for your thoughts emoticon
A Penny For Your Thoughts
how are you text emoticon
How Are You Text
i like you emoticon
I Like You
fantastic emoticon
glittering welcome emoticon
Glittering Welcome
this is right emoticon
This is Right
you are welcome emoticon
You Are Welcome
free! emoticon
gimme a break emoticon
Gimme a Break
1 sec emoticon
1 Sec
rocker hand sign emoticon
Rocker Hand Sign
indicating upwards emoticon
Indicating Upwards
make a wish emoticon
Make a Wish
wearing a smile emoticon
Wearing a Smile
just don't emoticon
Just Don't
simply smashing emoticon
Simply Smashing
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You welcome Beautiful

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Thanks sooo much for your speedy service to complete my income tax!

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Lmao hahhaha...

in lmao dance on 23 Jan, 2020

It is perfect emoji for the weekend!!

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I love these emotions!!! they are funny XD

in haha on 18 Dec, 2019
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