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OMG text Emoticon

OMG text animated emoticon

This animated text emoticon stands for Oh My God or Oh My Goodness or Oh MY Gosh. It has been abbreviated for ease of use in online conversations or phone text messages. It is needless to mention that the OMG word emoticon is used as a phrase to express shock and surprise. The animation starts with displaying each letter separately and the final frame displays the entire abbreviation. The font color is black and very funky. This is one of the newest icons in the smiley collection that has been available on the website. We have stuff for messenger apps like Yahoo or Skype, and loads of symbols for Facebook as well.

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User comments (8)

Daniel said:13 Oct '17

I know it exists but I can't find the emoji caption for the phrase "word".

Gina said:15 Feb '16

I love animated text emoticons and emojis. They're very expressive. Gives me the power of expression in a simple but effective way.

Anonymous said:29 Oct '11

OMG lol x It's Great!

lol said:16 Mar '11

this is so cool i love it is amazin xx

rachelmaryy said:06 Feb '11

cool emotion loving it.

RachaelAnnn♥ said:16 Jan '11

Hi There! xxx
This emoticon is great! would like to see more of OMG's but loving the emoticon though!! ♥

Anonymous said:09 Jan '11

wow, this icon is hot stuff.

Anonymous said:26 Dec '10

Selamat Datang di PKH Karangasem

Details for omg text

Suggested shortcut: ;omg2
Tags: OMG, Text, Word, Omfg, Gosh
Filename: omg-text.gif

  • The OMG text emoticon is Animated
  • OMG text icon file size: 2.04 kB (2089)
  • Added on 17 December, 2010
  • Last commented on 13 October, 2017
  • Emoticon category: Text and Words

'OMG text' is animated in 9 frames, the animation is 3.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 59 colors.

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Showing all 9 frames.

Codes for OMG text

To use the OMG text icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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