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A Soldier Saluting Emoticon

A Soldier Saluting emoticon
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This is an image of a soldier saluting. The soldier may probably be saluting a senior ranking soldier. This gesture is mostly observed during parades.

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User comments (14)

Anonymous said:12 Nov '20

Saluting with the wrong hand though!

Anonymous said:20 Apr '20

SALUTE Rick May!! The voice actor of soldier in team fortress 2 (game)

Vic said:16 Oct '18

The international salute is with the left arm raised up and the tips of your fingers touching your forehead.

Razor said:27 Aug '18

The entire image is flipped, we always had flap on right side and shield over left eye.

Anonymous said:21 Nov '17

He is saluting with the wrong hand. Should be the right hand.

Anonymous said:12 Nov '17

'Saluting the American Flag - wrong hand! Saluting is done with the right hand. Thanks.

Anonymous said:30 Jun '17

Too sad it's with his left hand.

said:19 Jun '17

This soldier is left-handed!

Chairman said:02 Feb '17

Peace to the Planet Earth!

A1C USAF disabled said:01 Jan '17

MSgt is correct, this salute is inaccurate. Please revise or remove. All salutes are right handed!

MSgt (USAF, Ret) ... said:30 Oct '16

This "salute" uses the WRONG hand! (plz Revise or Remove)

SFC EBC Ret said:25 Sep '16

This is totally disrespectful of our military! YOU FLIPPED THE IMAGE! YES, it is backwards!!

C.H. said:02 May '16

I have no idea how to download these to my clipboard in animation form. I can see it but it is still mode

Anonymous said:20 Apr '16

How do you get these codes to work?

Details for a soldier saluting

Suggested shortcut: ;soldier
Tags: badge, wide eyes, saluting, soldier, army, hat, blue, smile, black
Filename: a-soldier-saluting-smiley-emoticon.png

  • The A Soldier Saluting emoticon is Static
  • A Soldier Saluting icon file size: 6.26 kB (6408)
  • Added on 06 February, 2014
  • Last commented on 12 November, 2020
  • Emoticon category: Violent Emoticons

It's a PNG image measuring 104 by 107 pixels and is a true color icon (full colors), it also supports a transparent background.

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