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Dick Emoticon

Dick animated emoticon
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You're a Dick smiley and congratulations for your new title! our smiley dude here is angry and shouting at someone who he thinks is a jerk or stupid for acting in a certain manner. Dick is a short form for Richard and also a title for those idiots who can't think properly. It means you've got a head which not made for thinking though!!

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User comments (28)

Dick said:18 Jul '16

👇√( ̄○ ̄)∨👇
Good emojis

Anonymous said:31 Jan '15

Monique il a besoin de toi.

odysseas said:17 Dec '13

i cant use this for facebook

Anonymous said:03 Nov '13

How do u do it for skype?

Anonymous said:27 Aug '13

Swearing Emoticons

Anonymous said:15 May '13

hot to use this on facebook

lexter said:13 May '13

Thank you :)) [[paynisse]]

Goodone! said:03 May '13

C==(|) Butt cheeks and the dick! it's a look from behind as if a guy is standing with his back facing you or a bit angled to the left side.

Anonymous said:29 Apr '13

is the best :D

yxc said:23 Apr '13

[[painnisse]] is the shortcut code for penis or dick on facebook chat, fb IM or facebook status and comments.

Anonymous said:17 Apr '13

8==D ~o ~o ~o
trying this out

ben said:04 Apr '13

[[painnisse]] type it for facebook Dick emoticon

annonymous said:09 Mar '13

Try this one guys

Anonymous said:12 Feb '13

8==D ~o ~o ~o

Penis with sperm

neger said:16 Jan '13


you what the dots are, don't you?!

Anonymous said:31 Dec '12

Thank you :)) [[paynisse]]

Anonymous said:28 Dec '12

[[paynisse]]* does it show it

erjh said:14 Nov '12

:-) 8/ erected penis!!!

Anonymous said:09 Nov '12

ha ha ha ha..... look below to see what I've got for ya!

:-) 8/ Smiley emoticon with an erection (penis!)

:-( 8\ Impotent smiley emoticon or a let down

Anonymous said:10 Sep '12


Anonymous said:06 Aug '12

It's [[paynisse]]* for a penis emoticon lol

its... said:25 Jan '12

[[painisse]] try typing it on facebook ;)

bonjour said:12 Nov '11

OMG! these are really rude ones! but I agree that they're funny too!

meonly said:30 Oct '11

Oh... this is HUGE! the biggest ever!!!

Hypocrites Eh? said:26 Oct '11

There is a little bit of controversy here on this this subject. As much as I know, most people nowadays place a high degree of importance of their sexual fun and adventures and they go a long way to satisfy their physical needs. However it's so absurd that when the same people want to abuse someone, they use words that point to the human sexual organs! If our private body parts bring the most sought after pleasure for people, then why we choose their given names as the most offensive or crudest swear words to insult each other? That's really beyond logic!!! Aren't those who do this real hypocrites? I'd like to know what do you think. please share your opinion on this matter with others. I think it's about time to start a change in our culture. let's start a facebook page for this issue and start a campaign on FB!

funny people said:24 Oct '11

Let me add my version of a big cock emoticon as well: @---->~~

aren't these icons really funny? very good for your perverted facebook chats!!!

Just Moi! said:24 Oct '11

I think I have this symbol dick emoticon which is a lot better than those you posted pat!! Here we go: 8=======================D~~

ah.. hilarious symbol smileys!!

patrick said:23 Oct '11

These are some keyboard emoticons for dick smileys:

here is another text emoticon for a penis:

ha ha this is another dick emoticon also known as a weenie ;)

ha ha ha ha! hope you like them!

Details for dick

Suggested shortcut: ;dick
Tags: communicate, insults, dickhead, dick, offensive
Filename: dick.gif

  • The Dick emoticon is Animated
  • Dick icon file size: 10.90 kB (11159)
  • Added on 21 October, 2011
  • Last commented on 18 July, 2016
  • Emoticon category: Rude Emoticons

'Dick' is animated in 16 frames, the animation is 2.9 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 40 by 74 pixels and has 97 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Codes for Dick

To use the Dick icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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