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Hand gesture icons and animations

You can show your friends and contacts what you mean instead of verbalizing it. Sometimes it's even more fun to speak silently! Use as many hand gestures as you can to talk less or to type less. Familiarize yourself with the animated hand gesture smileys and emoticons below and on the other pages so that it becomes easier for you to remember and recall them as quickly as you can. Enjoy!

waving banana smiley
Waving Banana
clapping smiley
hi and bye smiley
Hi and Bye
doh smiley
3d smiley says no way smiley
3D Smiley Says No Way
little cutie says hello smiley
Little Cutie Says Hello
shoosh smiley
funny fat guy waves smiley
Funny Fat Guy Waves
rude greetings smiley
Rude Greetings
rocking banana smiley
Rocking Banana
girl says talk to the hand smiley
Girl says Talk to the hand
dap greeting smiley
Dap Greeting
peace sign smiley
Peace Sign
girl waving hand gesture smiley
Girl Waving Hand Gesture
throat slash smiley
Throat Slash
bro fist smiley
Bro fist
giving thumbs up smiley
Giving thumbs up
tada! smiley
choking gesture smiley
Choking Gesture
angry no smiley
Angry NO
sad to say bon voyage smiley
Sad to Say Bon Voyage
cyclop alien waving hello smiley
Cyclop Alien Waving Hello
scared smiley
peace out sign smiley
Peace Out Sign
homer thinking smiley
Homer Thinking
sexy guy waving smiley
Sexy Guy waving
desperate rage smiley
Desperate Rage
saying bye bye smiley
Saying bye bye
yellow star waves smiley
Yellow Star Waves
alien waving smiley
Alien waving
hands in ears smiley
Hands In Ears
smileys shaking hands smiley
Smileys Shaking Hands
face palm smiley
Face Palm
business handshake smiley
Business Handshake
a-okay hand gesture smiley
A-Okay Hand Gesture
waving sad bye smiley
Waving Sad Bye
huge thumbs up smiley
Huge Thumbs up
waiting hand gesture smiley
Waiting Hand Gesture
ok hand smiley
Ok Hand
wagging finger saying no smiley
Wagging Finger Saying No
angry fist smiley
Angry Fist
glitter peace sign smiley
Glitter Peace Sign
smiley says no smiley
Smiley Says No
embarrassed smile smiley
Embarrassed Smile
cock a snoot smiley
Cock a Snoot
cocking a snook at someone smiley
cocking a snook at someone
grumpy grandpa waving bye smiley
Grumpy Grandpa Waving Bye
chuckling gesture smiley
Chuckling Gesture
a no no finger hand gesture smiley
A No No finger hand gesture
secret handshake smiley
Secret Handshake
funny strong hand shaking smiley
Funny Strong Hand Shaking
pondering smiley
fat pirate waving smiley
Fat Pirate Waving
you're welcome thumbs up smiley
You're Welcome thumbs up
don't know smiley
Don't Know
laughing at someone smiley
Laughing at Someone
fist pump smiley
Fist Pump
peace out hand gesture smiley
Peace Out Hand Gesture
girl saying goodbye smiley
Girl Saying Goodbye
zombie hands waving bye smiley
Zombie Hands Waving Bye
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