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Hand gesture smiley faces

Did you know that hand gestures can actually help you to emphasize your speech and communications? They assist you to express yourself and your thoughts more efficiently through movements of your hands and head in special manners. We have gathered a comprehensive collection of known hand gestures emoticons and smiley faces that you can use online for your Facebook chats and MSN messenger (Windows Live Messenger) and many other chat services and online forums etc. Have fun!

hot girl waving smiley
Hot Girl Waving
crossed arms smiley
Crossed Arms
huge thumbs up smiley
Huge Thumbs Up
good luck smiley
Good luck
saying bye smiley
Saying Bye
shake hands smiley
Shake hands
clapping happy smiley
Clapping Happy
shaka smiley
talking to god smiley
Talking to God
hand heart smiley
Hand Heart
i'm happy smiley
I'm Happy
impatient smiley
hook 'em horns smiley
Hook 'em Horns
saluting smiley
fingers in the ears smiley
Fingers in the Ears
bird finger smiley
Bird Finger
yes fist pump smiley
Yes Fist Pump
teary eyes waving bye smiley
Teary Eyes Waving Bye
pondering and thinking smiley
Pondering and Thinking
badass animated meme smiley
Badass Animated Meme
be quiet smiley
Be quiet
friendship handshake smiley
Friendship Handshake
blue bye-bye smiley
Blue Bye-Bye
watching you smiley
Watching You
gimme five smiley
Gimme Five
rubbing hands in excitement smiley
Rubbing Hands in Excitement
clapping hands above head smiley
Clapping Hands Above Head
handshake smiley
saying a prayer smiley
Saying a Prayer
don't tell! smiley
Don't Tell!
deep thinking smiley
Deep Thinking
vulcan salute smiley
Vulcan Salute
bon voyage smiley
Bon voyage
shush smiley
thumbs up hand gesture smiley
Thumbs Up Hand Gesture
morphing hand bye text smiley
Morphing Hand BYE Text
i dunno hand gesture smiley
I Dunno Hand Gesture
ily hand smiley
ILY hand
sexy girl waving smiley
Sexy girl waving
walking and thinking smiley
Walking and Thinking
star trek vulcan salute smiley
Star Trek Vulcan Salute
you are a loser smiley
You Are a Loser
oh! hello smiley
Oh! Hello
bye smiley
late night moon waving goodbye smiley
Late Night Moon Waving Goodbye
finger-wagging smiley
ily hand sign smiley
ILY Hand Sign
nice day thumbs up smiley
Nice Day Thumbs up
ok sign smiley
Ok Sign
hurry up smiley
Hurry Up
bravo clapping smiley
Bravo clapping
strong no smiley
Strong No
saying goodbye smiley
Saying Goodbye
smiley says hi smiley
Smiley says Hi
clapping smiley
doh smiley
girl says no no smiley
Girl Says NO NO
tearing goodbye smiley
Tearing Goodbye
thinking hard smiley
Thinking Hard
white puppy waving smiley
White Puppy waving
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