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Crazy Clown Emoticon

Crazy Clown animated emoticon
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Here is an emoticon featuring a totally crazy clown with red nose and hair. This is one freaky and scary clown who doesn't look very funny at all. Just remember that some people are very afraid of clowns, so don't show them this animated emoticon if you know they don't like clowns! Also check out our Krusty the Klown emoticon from the Simpsons section.

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User comments (16)

Anonymous said:14 Dec '16

Omg I know him from pranks.

Shannon said:01 Apr '13

AHHH That's It!!! GOD SAVE ME!

Bieber'sGurl!!!(; said:25 Apr '12

lol this clown is weirddddd!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:07 Jun '11

its pennywise from stephen kings IT!! :)

Becca!@# said:07 Oct '10

hahaha nice! hes gonna get you!

THE HOTTIE said:05 Oct '10

he's gonna get you!! HAHAHA

THE HOTTIE said:05 Oct '10

how freaking scary :@ AHH he's under my bed =[

Anonymous said:14 Aug '10

OMG that clown looks like he is pure evil!!!

frankie on-ice said:03 Aug '10

yea right, you ain't the real miley cyrus! if u were, prove it and come down to mt.pleasant, sc and have a concert in the town center plaza

miley cyrus said:26 Jun '10

heyyy every 1 i am the real miley cyrus

Homer Simpson said:27 May '10

crazy clown la bomb!

anglish_ROSE. said:07 Feb '10

Ohh wow, that really freaks me out.

Secret-Name said:04 Feb '10

I'm loving it! So cool, I'm having that! :P

Run the giant guinny said:16 Jan '10

lolz see his mouth, its gasping for air!

bada-bing said:08 Jan '10

he looks pretty evil hahaha, i think this is the clown from Stephen King's IT movie... besides msn messenger, can we use this emoticon for Facebook chat or status updates?

Mad said:28 Dec '09

This is a funny emotion Lollllll

its wicked!!!!! 8----)

Details for crazy clown

Suggested shortcut: ;clown
Tags: Clown, Crazy, Scary
Filename: crazy-clown.gif

  • The Crazy Clown emoticon is Animated
  • Crazy Clown icon file size: 5.85 kB (5986)
  • Added on 25 December, 2009
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Crazy Clown' is animated in 2 frames, the animation is 0.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 255 colors.

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Showing all 2 frames.

Codes for Crazy Clown

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