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Cookie Monster Emoticon

Cookie Monster animated emoticon
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The Cookie Monster is one of the most popular Muppets from Sesame Street, and now he comes to you in emoticon form. He loves to eat just about anything, specially cookies! This emoticon has the word YUM in it, so its great to use when you're off to eat some food. The cookie monster is popular with people of all ages and has a special place in pop culture. We hope you have fun with this icon.

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User comments (18)

XD said:28 Oct '12

Oh the memories this brings back. I remember watching Sesame Street when I was a kid. I can't even believe Romney mentioned in his speeches that he would cut Sesame Street's fundings, when actually it would do so little to help the economy. >:( Stupid Romney

cOKKIE MONTeR lOVEs said:24 Jun '12

Lol Cookiie Monster AWW :1

Chloe said:11 Mar '12

Aww:3 Cookie monster is such a cute Character, Love him!:3

Cat said:24 Feb '12

Ohh Yay ! Cookie Monster Is Awsome !!

Justin Bieber said:10 Jan '12

I Love You All. I Am Writing A Song About To All!

popo said:07 May '11

awww i want it ♫ tee hee music

Anonymous said:02 Mar '11

sooooo cutte
i love cookie monster
and my friend loves him too

Love Life Lies said:16 Jan '11

awhh, i loved the cookie monster the most =)

spitz said:14 Oct '10

yum yum yum! this is my favorite sesame street memory... good times :)

黒~闇 said:20 Jul '10

Cookie monster has utsukushii reiatsu. His Shikai is powerful, until you see his Ban Kai. thats subarashii!! (゚∀゚) 気違い!! Kichigaiii~

Kayyy~Person #07 said:03 Jun '10

i'm truly a cookie monster... as well as a choco monster and an ice cream monster! :L

toyah-jade said:15 May '10


no seriously, i am the cookie monster!

Adele said:22 Mar '10

hi whats your name cookie???

Anonymous said:17 Feb '10

awww... it is soooooo cute!!! i ♥ it!!!

Anonymous said:07 Feb '10

I don't know why i am actually on this, but i may as well say hi, so hi!

A fan said:04 Feb '10

You should to add other funny characters like Elmo and Mrs PIGGY!

blahhhh! said:13 Jan '10

DUDE, what ever happened to Ernie and the rubber ducky?? they were awesome!!

ghies said:30 Dec '09

i love sesame street, you should make a cute elmo emoticon!!

Details for cookie monster

Suggested shortcut: ;cookie
Tags: Cookie, Monster, Sesame, Street, Yum
Filename: cookie_monster.gif

  • The Cookie Monster emoticon is Animated
  • Cookie Monster icon file size: 1.80 kB (1839)
  • Added on 30 December, 2009
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Cookie Monster' is animated in 3 frames, the animation is 0.3 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 48 by 48 pixels and has 64 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing all 3 frames.

Codes for Cookie Monster

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