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Vomit Emoticon

Vomit animated emoticon
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This animated emoticon looks really sick and throws up all the contents of his stomach. At first he feels nauseated and his face turns green, and then pukes and returns back to his yellow smiley face self again. Nobody likes vomiting, but you can use this icon to show others how you feel. Our collection of emoticons has been getting bigger and this little guy is now a part of it (even though he vomits all over the place). We hope you like them all.

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User comments (16)

Larry said:02 Apr '18

Can your emoticons and emojis be used in an email. If yes, what is the procedure?

Bubblegum317 said:01 Jun '16

Ewwww! What did he eat? The vomit's quite green... YUCK!

Taylor swift lover said:27 Apr '16

I love it. They are all so cool. Comment if you think so too.

Anonymous said:25 Apr '16

Barfing Sick Penguin emoji is cool. I like it.

LLB said:10 Apr '16

This is amazing i sent it to my friends and it's not hard to copy and paste.

Shay said:16 Jun '15

I want copy and paste ones.

Rainbow🌈 said:19 Sep '14

Awww Yeahh!!

Anonymous said:24 Jun '14


minecrafttrollerz said:13 Sep '13

harlem shake trollolololl

Dave said:30 Aug '13

Facebook doesn't allow animated gifs due to the fact that viruses can be spread that way.

Anonymous said:22 Jun '13

I've tried copying the image and pasting into FB, and nothing, I've tried copying the code and pasting that into FB, and it just showed the code!

Anonymous said:16 Apr '13

I just right clicked on the icon and copied it, then pasted it where I wanted it. That worked for me (Windows 7/ Hotmail)

Anonymous said:14 Feb '13

Can't make it work, pasted the code into facebook and pressed enter, all that happened was the code appeared where I expected the emoticon to show!

Anonymous said:18 Oct '12

good and funny!!! vomiting smile!!

Anonymous said:07 Dec '11

how can I download these emoticons?

Anonymous said:16 May '11

how do u do that??????????????????

Details for vomit

Suggested shortcut: ;barf
Tags: Vomit, Sick, Barf, Puke, Smiley
Filename: vomit.gif

  • The Vomit emoticon is Animated
  • Vomit icon file size: 4.67 kB (4779)
  • Added on 19 December, 2010
  • Last commented on 02 April, 2018
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Vomit' is animated in 9 frames, the animation is 2.16 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 48 pixels and has 61 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing all 0 frames.

Codes for Vomit

To use the Vomit icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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