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Pikachu animated emoticon
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Pikachu is a type of Pokémon from the popular and fascinating Pokémon world. He is probably one of the most famous and recognizable characters in the world today. It is a small yellow creature with brown stripes that slightly resembles a mouse, very cute. Now you can have this animated pikachu emoticon to send to anyone at any time. It shows a little Pikachu being happy as usual, saying "Pika, Pika!". Random fact: Pikachu stores electrical energy and releases in the form of lightning-based attacks. It's true! This emoticon has been tested for MSN and Live Messenger, it works fine.

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User comments (30)

Conservative Togepi said:28 Sep '18

It's creepy when u stare at me while I eat a banana!

Pikachu emoji said:25 Sep '16

How to download these emojis?

Anonymous said:23 Feb '15

The cutest Pikachu emoji for texting

Anonymous said:04 Apr '14

TOO GOOD...Love Pokemon!!

pika chu said:25 Jun '13

Feel free to leave a comment.

justin said:24 Jun '13

i wont you search for emotions without doing your comment...

Anonym(e) said:23 Apr '13

I love Pikachu !!!!!!!!!

ami said:13 Apr '13

Right before you sneeze say "PIKA" .

Anonymous said:12 Apr '13

AA theres my pika
(u u)

Anonymous said:12 Apr '13

there AA was supposed to be his ears AA
(u u)

Anonymous said:12 Apr '13

heres my pikachu AA
(u u)

startheeeveerules said:12 Jan '13

this is so cute!(___/)
(•' . '•)

Anonymous said:05 Jan '13

On Facebook chat type in:


pika pika pika pika hihi ^^

Pikachuu c: said:07 Dec '12

Here this is pikachu hehe i hope you guys enjoy it (o^-^o)

arodr425762 said:06 Sep '12

(•' . '•) I CAN DO IT (___/)

Anonymous said:18 Aug '12


Anonymous said:31 May '12

is this for skype Too?

Anonymous said:10 May '12

love this! i want the pikachu!

Anonymous said:09 Mar '12

(@'.'@) pika!

flavio victor said:27 Aug '11

(•' . '•)amo o dezenho!(•' . '•)

Anonymous said:17 Aug '11

Here is a text symbol version:

(•' . '•)

Christoph Preis :O said:05 Aug '11

why can't i download the pikachu ;D

Anonymous said:22 Jul '11

how do you get it in msn?

little helper said:27 Apr '11

Wow, the ASCII symbol one below is really cool, thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said:27 Apr '11

(•' . '•) - PIKACHU

your neighbourgh said:14 Apr '11

oooohh pika pika! chuuuuuuu!

Anonymous said:08 Feb '11

I love pikachu, it's the cutest in teh world (L)

spitz said:15 Oct '10


it's just SOOOOOOOO cute!! :3

Viller Vampire said:07 Oct '10

is it safe to download or is it free?

кαямαи said:30 May '10

i like pokemon...but i like dragon ball is better! =S but pikachu is cute! (L)

Details for pikachu

Suggested shortcut: pikachu
Tags: Pikachu, Pokemon, Cute, Digimon,
Filename: pikachu.gif

  • The Pikachu emoticon is Animated
  • Pikachu icon file size: 1.39 kB (1428)
  • Added on 01 January, 2010
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Pikachu' is animated in 4 frames, the animation is 1.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 10 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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To use the Pikachu icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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