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Cute smileys hug Emoticon

Cute smileys hug animated emoticon
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Two smiley have a nice romantic hug, how cute! A hug is something so simple, yet so beautiful with that special person. The physical closeness that hugging brings helps us express the deep passion that runs through us. Use this smiley to convey the same passionate feelings online.

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User comments (55)

Anonymous said:18 Feb (11:19)

Yes I had a very fun evening, brilliant laugh with a friend who's been through alot and needed to go out x
I'm taking my daughter out tonight to have a bit of fun and cheer her up as she's recently had a break up and is feeling sorry for herself and I may or may not hit the town after.
I was thinking about your dilemma waiting for botox and want to make a suggestion.
There is quite an audit trail in the NHS and your local gp tend to react quicker to things that start causing them potential problems and awkward questions. It's your local gp whom usually refers you and you could start adding pressure there, I've thought out a strategy for you.
I hope you don't think I'm trying to get involved in something I know nothing about but I feel it is definitely worth a try, am confident, helped a friend with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia to push medication reviews forward and also had a vasectomy on the NHS after they stopped the budget.
It'd be good to discuss this next time we have one of our mammoth phone chats.
But for now I'm sending you a massive cuddle xxx

Anonymous said:25 Aug '16

It's ok Hayley. Your doing a great job

Pat turley said:14 Jun '15

Way 2 go! Told u... You r the best!!

Lorraine said:17 Jan '15

Love them. How can I get them for Facebook messages please?

Anonymous said:24 Apr '14

How can I use this gif in the comments on Facebook?! Please tell me! Thanks :)

Anonymous said:08 Jan '14

I love you sobrina mucho too much!

ZohaiB ZoBi said:18 Dec '13

Awesome Buddy! I needed it. Love You.

Anonymous said:05 Nov '13

How do i get these to work in facebook messages?

Fayetastic said:08 Jun '13

aww... so Cute :3
just like me.. hehe! ^_^

Anonymous said:21 Mar '13

Aww :) its really cute :)

Anonymous said:27 Feb '13

Thanks!!!! Great smileys!!

Anonymoushgff said:30 Jan '13

Its really nice, superb, lovely smileys

keval said:06 Jun '12

its amazing. superb. hope it works on girls! he he he

Abhay said:04 May '12

lovely smileys :)
so cute

kennan singh said:06 Jan '12

soooo coooool!

you'mee said:18 Sep '11

really.really cute.. can i keep them?? lol

PartyGirl said:15 Jun '11 cute!!! I absolutely love this superb smiley hug. so affectionate!

Anonymous said:11 May '11

so cute i like it so very much

MNS said:25 Mar '11


xaxx said:06 Mar '11 cute nila.................

Me! said:28 Feb '11

Loooove the Pikachu!

Anonymous said:12 Feb '11

i like naughty beacuse they r so cute

Ana Marie said:29 Oct '10

hello kitty is so cute... even tho she is angry.. haha.. so cute.. like this website so very much..

Ana Marie said:29 Oct '10

i like this website nice.. good.. and cool...

Anonymous said:24 Oct '10

what a cute and cuddly smiley face, 5 stars from me :)

xhaxha said:15 Sep '10

love them ! they are soooo cute !

sirene said:11 Sep '10

cuuuuuuuuuuuute,hug,i love it

(tanpanama) said:06 Sep '10

Ahhhh... so cute!!

Alana said:06 Aug '10

Naughty BABY!

zaara said:27 Jul '10

wow, the cuddling emoticons are so cute and lovely!! more please!!!! (28 Jul 2010)

marii said:22 Jun '10

kewl but where can i find more cute smileys

mimi said:02 Jun '10


lyks said:23 May '10

coooooooool!! the best

jasy said:21 Mar '10

i like bananas because they're pretty cute.

bev said:13 Jan '10

cute... so-o-o cute! I'd like that one!

Anonymous said:25 Dec '09

ilove hello kiity :)

Anonymous said:05 Dec '09

they r soooo cute awwwwwww

qt said:05 Nov '09

they're soooooooo cute like me lol

Anonymous said:19 Sep '09

cute :3 i see some came from DA

no one u know said:23 Aug '09

MAKE MORE i collect em they are cute:P

Details for cute smileys hug

Suggested shortcut: ;hug6
Tags: Hug, Huggings, Hugs, Cute
Filename: hug-2.gif

  • The Cute smileys hug emoticon is Animated
  • Cute smileys hug icon file size: 47.76 kB (48903)
  • Added on 18 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Cute smileys hug' is animated in 52 frames, the animation is 5.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 60 by 60 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Cute smileys hug

To use the Cute smileys hug icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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