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Giggling Emoticon

Giggling animated emoticon
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Giggling is considered to be a a really cute and adorable type of laughter, usually by girls. This is a very cute giggling smiley that holds a hand over it's while laughing, very lovable and adorable. If you ever wanted an animated emoticon to show your giggles, this is it! It works great for MSN too, so have fun with this smiley and giggle away!

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User comments (13)

Anonymous said:19 May '16

How to use by symbols?

Anonymous said:08 May '16

Adorable. But how do i use it in twitter? Thanks

Anonymous said:07 Feb '14

Love the expression of amusement and a giggle in this emoji.

Anonymous said:23 Sep '13

wow they are awesome.

georgina loves tom said:17 Jul '10

i like these ones and they are funny

Anonymous said:16 Jul '10

lol they're such cool emotes!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:10 Apr '10

these emoticons are wicked i love them except for the naughty one that is disgusting but the rest are really good i have put them on my msn.

EJH Lover! said:08 Jan '10

Hey Peepz x
I Love This Website so much, it has the best smileys in the world x

donny said:01 Jan '10

hahaha they're so funny, I'm so happy just like hello kitty!

jreeve said:28 Jul '09

hohohaha man i am so funny hehoho, no? i like these icons, they're pretty cool to have.

One Love! said:23 Apr '09

This site is brilliant! it has everything man!!

perL said:21 Mar '09

lalala cute sjew icon neyh lalalalala

ugiQ said:18 Mar '09

wow... emoticons nya krenz2....

Details for giggling

Suggested shortcut: ;giggle
Tags: Laugh, Giggle, Giggling, Cute
Filename: giggle.gif

  • The Giggling emoticon is Animated
  • Giggling icon file size: 2.00 kB (2050)
  • Added on 17 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Mood emoticons

'Giggling' is animated in 14 frames, the animation is 2.2 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 19 by 25 pixels and has 11 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

Codes for Giggling

To use the Giggling icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free Laughing smileys emoticons like the giggling icon, visit the Laughing Emoticons pack.

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