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Farting smiley Emoticon

Farting smiley animated emoticon
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This is one rude dude and he has mastered the art of farting. He is getting ready to let one rip, and he even lifts up one of his legs to maximize the sound effect! Then you can even see the green gas that comes out, what did he eat?! This smiley is priceless, send it to your friends whenever you feel like sharing your farts with them, even over the Internet. We hope you enjoy this animation as much as this smiley enjoys farting.

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User comments (17)

Anonymous said:27 Feb '15

How can I download farting emojis to my phone?

Anonymous said:27 Nov '14

Happy turkey day! Have a great day!

Anonymous said:11 Dec '13

How to download these to skype please?

cool girl said:01 Dec '13

How do I get these on my Skype?

? girl said:01 Dec '13

Why do they all look embarrassed?

melody fk said:29 Sep '13

We need more fart emoticons to express in funny emails and chats.

Anonymous said:29 Sep '13

Most of these smiley faces look sad. Why there is no happy faces here?

Karen said:06 Feb '12

How do I download these to my iPhone please? They are so funny

vyla said:03 Sep '11

how do u get these on Skype?

Sergey Olshin said:06 Jan '11

Thank you! :))) It is super! Ha ha ha!!!

soodi said:29 Sep '10

whoa! look at that smiley fart!! all that gas can't been good for global warming! bahahaha

madona said:22 Aug '10

put more smiley faces please!

Anonymous said:12 Jul '10

haha madness! lol put more emotes on the site!

nour said:08 Apr '10

it's cool but put one more dancing smiley please

Anonymous said:30 Mar '10

it's very cute ....

nettakayne said:10 Mar '10

hmmm... it's nice and i like it...

Anonymous said:27 Feb '10

this is sooo funny!!! omg make more fart ones please xD

Details for farting smiley

Suggested shortcut: ;fart2
Tags: Fart, Farting, Smiley, Gas, Wind, Rude, Flatulence
Filename: farting_smiley.gif

  • The Farting smiley emoticon is Animated
  • Farting smiley icon file size: 19.36 kB (19826)
  • Added on 12 January, 2010
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'Farting smiley' is animated in 17 frames, the animation is 3.1 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 60 by 54 pixels and has 255 colors.

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Showing all 17 frames.

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