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MSN buddy slapping Emoticon

MSN buddy slapping animated emoticon
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Another funny emoticon that shows the classic MSN buddies, and one is slapping the other one silly. These are the figures that were featured in MSN Messenger up to version 8. A great and funny emoticon to use when you might be a little angry or frustrated.

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User comments (17)

jaz said:05 Mar '14

lol These are hecka funny lol! xoxo

Anonymous said:08 Jul '12

play real BUDDY SLAI+P on iphone.. or ipad.. it is cool :))

Anonymous said:07 Jun '12

I play real BUDDY SLAP game on iphone, ipad or itouch

nun ov your bizwax said:01 May '12

dat is well wierd..xx

Anonymous said:25 Jul '11

hahaha~funny! looks like jokes

Anonymous said:11 Nov '10

these are really funny!

cant tell my name:) said:01 Feb '10

not funny, it makes me angry :@

ღAllyღ said:12 Oct '09

Lmao x This is mega funny. Keep em coming!

Anonymous said:07 Oct '09

jajajajajaja i love them

kimmy or kylee said:24 Sep '09

3d yayyyyyyyy 3d is my fave

lollolol said:01 Sep '09

just kill him ,becouse your taking it too long heehee
i know a story
once there was this two man fighting , and i a girl saw them , and she told them ''what are you guys fighting about?'' a guy told her '' because this man stold my pen ''
then the girl said '' oh then , stop hitting him , just kill him ''

Anonymous said:20 Aug '09

this is a BARE P-E-N-G website !!

LaLaLand said:02 Jun '09

Peter lick is funny haha

Anonymous said:11 May '09

thats so hilerious!!!!!!!

Anonymous said:05 Mar '09

dis is baref unny xx..xx

ksiloo said:13 Oct '08

it is perfect. one of the funniest emotes that i have ever seen!!!!

fatih said:26 Sep '08

haha slap his face till its red!

Details for msn buddy slapping

Suggested shortcut: ;slap2
Tags: Slap, Slapping, Buddy, Funny, Msn
Filename: msn-slapping.gif

  • The MSN buddy slapping emoticon is Animated
  • MSN buddy slapping icon file size: 2.83 kB (2899)
  • Added on 21 September, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Funny Emoticons

'MSN buddy slapping' is animated in 6 frames, the animation is 0.6 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 44 pixels and has 32 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing all 6 frames.

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