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How to do a Penguin Emoticon?

You might be asking yourself: how do I do the penguin emoticon on Facebook, Skype, or Gmail, Gchat, for text messages etc. Here you can find the answer to your question: by typing these special characters you can make text penguin emoticons and smiley faces. Please feel free to copy and paste them wherever you want to post them (e.g. FB chat). This is like drawing smileys with typing text characters on your keyboard. You can create more variety if you could use Alt Key Codes where you are able to access international font characters.

Penguin emoticon looking to the left.

Penguin smiley with his eyes closed.

This is a front looking penguin smiley face.

Penguin smiley facing you with closed eyes.

<(     )>
   W W
A multiple lines front facing penguin looking very cute and lovey with its flippers and happy feet!

This is a horizontal penguin smiley face that requires you to tilt your head to see it properly.

  ( *> 
(  >  ) 
This is also another multi-line penguin that is walking to the right, with happy feet of course!

 (*>     <*)))))))<>>
( > )
Penguin eating fish

Graphical Penguin smileys and animations

We've also got loads of animated penguin graphics, emoticons and clip art, like this:

To Download Animated Penguin Emoticons and Smiley Faces click here.
To see the animated penguin emoticons click here.

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We hope you like this text art which we've included here. Be sure to contact us with your suggestions.

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Reader Comments (24)

Anonymous said:20 May '21


This is great! Thnx!

Anonymous said:03 Nov '19

I always use the below penguin emoji:

(/ )_

PAPO said:27 Nov '18


Anonymous said:20 Nov '17


w w

JOHN CENA said:17 Nov '17

( * )>
| |

Bird Watcher said:30 Nov '12

These are pretty cool, thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous replied:30 Nov '12

Can you post these on the Facebook wall?

BATMAN'S MOM replied:13 Nov '16

IDK if it stopped but when I tried to do it, it turned into an actual penguin emoji...

silver penguin said:04 Nov '16

I love penguins.
It's a CUTE Penguin emoji.

Anonymous said:01 Jul '16



This is an adorable cute penguin emoji made with ascii letters. Love it!

mafuisq1 said:31 Mar '16

love love love this

Anonymous said:24 Dec '15

I can't do the other emoticons, all I can do is just this:)

Make Penguin Emoji said:05 Nov '15

The cutest penguin emoji ever!

Anonymous said:29 Oct '15

Adorable penguin text emojis for texting and copy and paste.

Emojis for Penguins said:25 Oct '15


King Penguan said:26 Sep '15

Penguin emojis are the best emojis!!

The Penguin Squad said:05 Sep '15

We've got a penguin squad on Instagram (^v^)

Callan said:29 Jul '15

penguins are my favorite animal *-*

Anonymous said:17 Jan '15

(^v^) I like penguins

Anonymous said:16 Oct '14

I like penguins;)

Juliana said:29 Dec '13

Let's try them out ...

Anonymous said:27 Jul '13

It works a lot; I love penguins.

Anonymous replied:06 Sep '13

ME too... they're so cute!!!

(^v^) W said:23 Jun '13

I like it so much.:-)

Mamamous said:23 Jun '13

it's cool.

Anonymous said:15 May '13

These penguin smiley faces are so pretty and cute.

Mr. MeGusta said:16 Dec '12

Thanks for all the good emoticons you showcase for public viewing.

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