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flabbergasted smiley
what! smiley
big surprise smiley
Big Surprise
electrocuted smiley
big horror smiley
Big Horror
black and shocked smiley
Black and Shocked
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Wishing you all the good things in life! Live long and healthy and happy!

in birthday... on 18 Jan, 2020

(-‸ლ) This is a proper face palm text emoji.

in facepalm on 06 Dec, 2018

Happy Birthday AJ 💕💕💕

in delightful... on 22 Aug, 2018

I can't get this to work in Facebook (using the first box of code) or in a...

in fainting on 12 Jun, 2018

I can't figure out how to post these animated emoticons and emojis to a...

in in disbelief on 08 Jun, 2018
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