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Naughty Emoticon

Naughty animated emoticon
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This is an animated emoticon that shows two cute smileys being naughty in bed. A very cute and sexy emoticon that you can use for a giggle with your lover. You can't really consider this to be an adult emoticon, it's naughty, but innocent at the same time. We hope you like it.

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User comments (44)

Anonymous said:05 Oct '18

Haha ... Love naughty emojis and everything naughty!!

Anonymous said:04 Sep '17

Nice and sweet emojis and emoticons

Anonymous said:15 Mar '15

I love panties though.

Anonymous said:11 Mar '15

Can we talk cam to cam?

Anonymous said:25 Nov '14

What about us? you are supposed to be with me!

Anonymous said:18 Oct '13


abu said:20 Sep '12

am looking for true lover am a man

Anonymous said:18 Jun '12

HockeyChick I know right?

Anonymous said:03 Apr '12

eeewwww report this!!!!

Anonymous said:27 May '11

omg that makes me so horny!

Dudah said:13 Sep '10

Very nice i love playboy stuff!

LaylaBabee ♥ said:08 Jul '10

Ooo ... cheekyy!!! And HockeyChick, don't be so gross! Jeeezz ... .

Coolie said:31 May '10

I love rude emoticons! not that I'm a rude person or something, but sometimes you really need these kind of naughty smileys for msn chats. because such emotes don't come as default ones on the msn emoticons list. Anyways, I'll give it a 5 star vote. Thanks and BTW, we need more please!

Secxy chick said:26 May '10

I love playboy, it's so secxy.

HockeyChick said:06 Mar '10

wow like there should be naked guys

Anonymous said:23 Feb '10

oh look at the play boy! i Love playboy and it's so sekciiii all these people kissing are very... well... lol loving the hello kitty, playboy, tongue kiss and the 'passionate kiss!' lol so so funny x

lucie said:19 Jan '10

i love picture playboy

benjamin fazliu said:11 Jan '10

hahahaha look playboy

phoebe said:13 Dec '09

i love it its so funny i love the play boy one

g-star frances xxx said:28 Oct '09

omg all this emotions r gandsta lol lolage lmao lmfao lmsao

Anonymous said:17 Oct '09

cada coisa que se ve!

erin haawys said:20 Aug '09

theere okaaay ; )

Anonymous said:17 Aug '09

Madd emoticons aye! ! : ) XD xx.

Anonymous said:08 Aug '09

two lover bob and Natalie

bob said:07 Aug '09

the emotians on here r amazing i reel like em der byat

lover said:14 Jul '09

lips kissing is very enjoyment!!!

lilian said:13 Jul '09

i love panda in love !!! is so sweet

kate said:13 Jul '09

panda in love is the best !

kate said:13 Jul '09

omg.. kissing is fun is real!! wow

Anonymous said:06 Jul '09

this smiley is really sweet and lovely, one of my favorites on this site.

Jessica Spears said:28 Jun '09

OMG!! I love that panda

Anonymous said:24 Jun '09

omg panda in love so sweet=) mwahhhhhhhhh

Anonymous said:24 Jun '09

OMG!!so cute xx love em

Anonymous said:12 Jun '09

hey how do you type these icon to other ppl like wen your chatting

rohan radia said:08 Jun '09

i love the lol!!!!!!!!it is so cool

Anonymous said:06 Jun '09

omg, they are all so cute lol

Anonymous said:21 May '09

panda in love so sweet

Bella xo. said:16 May '09

I recon its wired :S

Alexis:D said:03 Apr '09

Againt it you all are stupid i sware:)

Anonymous said:03 Apr '09

Awesome:D i think its cute;D

Details for naughty

Suggested shortcut: ;sexy
Tags: Naughty, Sexy, Bed, Couple, Love
Filename: naughty.gif

  • The Naughty emoticon is Animated
  • Naughty icon file size: 12.17 kB (12462)
  • Added on 31 January, 2009
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'Naughty' is animated in 5 frames, the animation is 1.8 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 256 colors, it also supports a transparent background.

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Showing all 5 frames.

Codes for Naughty

To use the Naughty icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

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