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I Love You Emoticon

I Love You animated emoticon
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This is an animated I Love You emoticon which shows these special words flashing in pink and black. It also has 3 hearts for a cute effect. This emoticon works with MSN and can be used by either boys or girls.

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User comments (82)

Anonymous said:22 Aug '19

Michele, you're my sweet angel.

Flashing Text Emojis said:14 Aug '17

How do I download these animated text emojis and emoticons?

Love Ya Emoji said:03 Nov '15

I can not use these emojis on Facebook. What can I do?

Trish said:12 Aug '15

The animation is very good, emojis are excellent.

HelenQaaa said:29 Dec '14

They're so cute... Love it.

Alfieaex dexter said:06 Nov '14

So funny. I like it...

xyareez said:26 Mar '14

It'S So Nice . I Like it :*

Anonymous said:28 Oct '13

Can it be posted in facebook?

Anonymous said:04 Oct '13

Love it.

Anonymous said:13 Mar '13

best 1 for the best 1..............

divz said:16 Dec '12

sweet..!!! just like my love...!!! :) love uuuuuu

said:11 Nov '12

❤ ♡ ❤ ღ Me too!!

These are heart symbols and good for those who are deep in love with someone!!

LOL said:11 Nov '12

❤☻I'm happily in love

Anonymous said:09 Nov '12

sooo cuteee...beautiful...

Anonymous said:05 Nov '12

soooo cute nd niceeeee

umairah said:20 Sep '12

wah so beautiful and so cute

Mahi said:19 Sep '12

So cute!

Anonymous said:01 Jun '12

how do u do them? plz tell, i don't know yet.

nobody said:26 May '12

kool i love this one

mjm said:25 May '12

these are very funny ...

tima said:29 Sep '11

this is very beautiful, i like this so much.

The Cool said:02 Sep '11

its easy. when u r on msn just go on to emotions click create, then click browse or whatever that button says. it is something like that anyway. then click ok to send ur emotion to someone and that's all. hope I could help u a bit.

Anonymous said:02 Sep '11

omg so cute i love the emotions!

lolo said:03 Jul '11

why i can't download the emoticons ???

lily said:03 Jul '11

I love this website and the emoticons are nice.

gomez said:22 Apr '11

love you gets you to the land of magic...

Anonymous said:21 Apr '11

love dis one its well good bless it

Anonymous said:03 Apr '11

How do you download it? Do I just click the 'download' button? please help

Anonymous said:08 Mar '11

love it so so much! cause I never gets tired of saying it to someone or hearing it from another one. Love is the greatest gift of God to human. :=)

Anonymous said:29 Dec '10

does it bug ya computer up 2 downlod it?

Anonymous said:25 Dec '10

they are soo soo cute

Anonymous said:10 Dec '10

awhh too cute

shanster yer said:02 Dec '10

awwwwwww sooo cute!!

JoJo said:30 Oct '10

I love this website and all it's emoticons. they're so cool.

jemzчx said:24 Oct '10

Love and hearts smiley faces and icons rock! they're the best.

/* said:18 Oct '10

نجاح باهر... أحب ذلك... وهو مبتسم جميلة جداWow ... I like it ... smiling very beautifully

Anonymous said:17 Sep '10

why i can't download it?

hahahhHHAHAHAH said:11 Sep '10

it's very cooL =) suPer

kissmemsnbabe said:02 Sep '10

tik tok tik tok they neeed 2 be mor emos

kissmemsnbabe said:02 Sep '10

all these emotions should come 2 good use 4 some people

Details for i love you

Suggested shortcut: ;loveu1
Tags: Love, You
Filename: loveyou.gif

  • The I Love You emoticon is Animated
  • I Love You icon file size: 2.41 kB (2464)
  • Added on 20 July, 2008
  • Emoticon category: Love Emoticons and Smileys

'I Love You' is animated in 3 frames, the animation is 0.3 seconds long and loops continously. It's a GIF animation measuring 50 by 50 pixels and has 55 colors.

Codes for I Love You

To use the I Love You icon on forums, profiles, MySpace, etc use the following codes:

For more free "Love You" smileys emoticons like the i love you icon, visit the I Love You emoticons pack.

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