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Box and Underlined Names

The Boxed Nickname Maker is finally here, you asked for it and we delivered it! As a bonus, we've also created an underlined name maker. So, if you ever wanted to put your screen name in a box or underline it, this is the tool for you!

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Boxed letters:
The names may look a bit strange here, but will look normal when pasted into Messenger

Important Notes

  • The name may not show correctly in the Messenger Dashboard, but will work in the contact list
  • If you have problems using this name maker, try using it with Internet Explorer
  • To use these boxed and underlined names, you will not need any add-ons like Messenger Plus.

Using this Name Maker

Now you can make your boxed msn screen names without having to use multi-lines. The new boxed nickname maker gives you three options to choose from:

  • Single box for your entire msn name
  • Individual boxes for every letter of your nick name
  • Underline for entire length of your screen name

Boxed msn names and underlined nicknames are quite popular and very sought after styles of msn messenger names. Our boxed and underlined nick name maker is very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps to get your favorite msn name boxed:

  1. Choose form three options available: individual letters boxed, entire nickname boxed or msn name underlined only.
  2. Type in your msn name in the appropriate box
  3. Copy and paste your boxed msn nick name into your msn messenger or windows live messenger personal message or screen name.

Additionally, you can force your name to be in CAPITAL letters which can sometimes make it look better. You can also decide whether you want to include spaces in their own box, the extra boxes can sometimes make your name or personal message look cooler.

Done! Now you can show off your new cool msn name to your messenger buddies! We're sure that some of your friends will ask how you did it, so be sure to share this name maker with them, they're sure to appreciate it. Once your finished boxing or underlining, you can further decorate your name with some MSN Symbols.

Alternatively, you can make a totally different type of name with cool letters using the weirdmaker. Our weirdmaker is also an online name maker which is free to use.


If you have any problems using boxed nicknames and underlining your name, just post your question here and we will publish an answer for you. You can also send us any comments or feedback.

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