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wlm 2010 coming soon

Windows Live Messenger 2010 download coming, leaked screenshots

Wednesday, 27 Jan. '1042 comments3.76

It's been been close to a year since the current version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 was released and a new 2010 version will be arriving very shortly.

Messenger 2010 logo
Visit the WLM 2010 page

As always, you can expect the new WLM 2010 to include a whole slew of new features, here is a summary of the new features we know about so far:

  • Social streams: View updates from Facebook, Twitter and more right inside WLM 2010.
  • Tabbed conversations: no more keeping track of 9 different windows, all chats will be placed in a single window.
  • The main window has been redesigned to accommodate social streams.

More details are currently unknown, but we will post them on our Windows Live Messenger 2010 page as they become available. You can check out some of the leaked screenshots on the WLM special feature page.

Download Windows Live Messenger 2010

There is no official BETA version on Microsoft Connect yet, but a public BETA testing program will most likely be launched as we get closer to the release of Live Messenger 2010. Once this happens, a free download will be available and you will be able to install the new Messenger on your computer.

For the time being, there is no download or BETA version available on the web. You should be careful if you come across any links to download the 2010 version, as they will most likely contain malicious software that could harm your computer. This includes any links that claim to include the full offline installer or any files anonymously hosted on sites such as RapidShare or torrent files.


User comments

Anonymous said:23 Mar '18

Privacy Policy – Privacy & Terms – Google

kaka said:02 Nov '11

thanks for your help i will be happy when i get the massenger

cara said:21 Jan '11

i want 2 download messenger live 2009 some 1 please help as i cant stand the new 2011, i keep on looking every where i look it still taking me back 2 the new 2011

Me replied:30 Jan '11

windows live messenger 2011 SUCKS!
Do not do the mistake and download it, like i did. Stupid me! SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!

Unknown(: replied:15 Aug '11

it does, dosen't it! i downloaded it and the only thing i could do to get the messenger before it was reboot my laptop, and that wiped out all my documents, i was devastated... but i couldnt stand 2011 messenger!

Anonymous said:25 Jun '11

Windows Messenger 2011 sucks but 2009 and 2010 is good

Anonymous replied:10 Jul '11

msn 2011 is pretty good

Anonymous said:25 May '11

It's great, I enjoy chatting with my bff.

Anonymous said:15 May '11

i also love messenger !!:D

Anonymous said:08 May '11

Windows live messenger 2011 sucks !

Anonymous said:20 Apr '11

Windows live messenger is great just how do you get the 2009 one and what website

Anonymous said:18 Apr '11

it`s a great to use it, Thanks windows team.

Anonymous said:13 Apr '11

its awsome for talking to freinds with

joel domengos said:27 Mar '11

we love windows live messenger 2010.

obando said:17 Mar '11

I love window live so much

lokote said:27 Feb '11

what are they doing with the msn 2010?? where is it?? the 2011 has many things and lost the essentials.

Anonymous said:25 Dec '10

hiya wit yes up tae lol lmao

Anonymous said:23 Dec '10

i downloaded windows live messenger 2011 and i hate it! how do you get the version before that one????

Anonymous said:22 Dec '10

how can I download it??? :/

Anonymous said:30 Nov '10

how do u download it

Anonymous said:20 Nov '10

The Last messenger before this new messenger is Much Better Than The New One How Can I Download The Version Before This New One Coz I Dont Like this new version :S It's Too annoying :S

Anonymous said:19 Nov '10

i'm in such a bad mood.. i downloaded windows live messenger 2011 and hate it i uninstalled it but can't get a link to the old one please help

Anonymous replied:19 Nov '10

that happened to me and I've tried downloading it millions of times it's really annoying !

Anonymous said:16 Nov '10

i love windows live messenger

Anonymous said:11 Nov '10

windows live 2011 is terrible u cnt do normal webcam, u have to do video call which is really annoyin!!!!

Anonymous said:07 Nov '10

How can i download msn 2010 coz' i had it and i downloaded 2011 and it is terrible so i would like to download msn 10 back :)

georgia mendez said:07 Nov '10

how did you download windows live 2011

Anonymous said:06 Nov '10

when I open an Im window of the messenger all i see is secuence of numbers , no letters or words

pipi said:04 Nov '10

how do you download i need help

Anonymous said:03 Nov '10

how do you download it fs

Anonymous said:28 Oct '10

cn u go on cam on there

Anonymous said:09 Oct '10

how do you download it, it wont let me

Anonymous said:03 Oct '10

its really good and easy

Anonymous said:29 Sep '10

i love windows live messenger

Anonymous said:18 Sep '10

hi i need to download it how can i?

Anonymous said:16 Sep '10

hi i need to download it how can i

Anonymous said:11 Jul '10

thanks god for windows live messenger because i can speak with my friends play and do many things

BATY-CHIKA said:01 Jul '10


sasha xx babeeee said:03 May '10

yeerrr how doo yhoo download it ??

Anonymous said:08 Apr '10

how do you download it?

mimi said:08 Apr '10

thanks, all the best.

Anonymous said:16 Mar '10

i love windows live messenger

wisam jameel said:16 Mar '10

i love windows live messenger

Anonymous said:14 Mar '10

thank you windows live team!

mohamaad said:05 Mar '10

thank you windows live team!

Anonymous said:03 Mar '10

i love windows live messenger

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